The Parody Wiki


  • Max Taylor as Quasimodo
  • Lita/Sailor Jupiter as Esmeralda
  • Brock as Phoebus
  • Evil Emperor Zurg as Judge Claude Frollo
  • Head Guards - Themselves
  • The Stones - Zummi Grammi and Gruffi


  • Head Guard 1: Get this thing off me!
  • Head Guard 2:I'll take you a lesson, peasant!
  •  ???:You were saying, lieutenant?
  • Head Guard 1:Oh, C-C-Captain! Ow! At your service, sir!
  • Tony Jay:Isn't this one new? It's awfully good. It looks very much like the Scout girl. I know you helped her escape! And now all Paris is burning because of you!
  • Max Taylor:She was kind to me, Master.
  • Tony Jay:You idiot! That wasn't kindness, it was cunning. She's a Sailor Scout! Sailor Scout are not capable of real love! Think, boy. Think of your mother.
  • Max Tayloryou Killed Her
  • Tony Jay:It was my duty, horrible as it was. I hope you can forgive me. There, there, Max, I know it hurts. But now, the time has come to end your suffering... Forever!
  • Zurg:Now, now, l-listen to me, Max
  •  ???:No, you listen! All my life you have told me the world is a dark cruel place. But now I see the only thing dark and cruel about is people like you.