The Teenage Video Game Nerd 

The Teenage Video Nerd Is A 14 Year Old Boy Who Reviews Crazy Games. His Love Of Soda Is To Calm Him Down From The Craziness From The Games


The Nerd Is Depicted As An Explosive Rage Addict In The Games He Plays. The Games Make Him Mad To The Point He Can't Take It Anymore.

Famous Quotes

What Were They Thinking?

This Game Is Horrible.

It's A Load Of Junk

I'd Rather Stuff My Face Into A Blender While I Eat An Expired Sandwich

This Makes Me Mad


To Satisfy The Nerd, He Drinks A Bottle Of Mexican Coka Cola. The Coke Brand First Made It's Nerd Video Debut In The Mega Man Video Where The Nerd Drinks A Beverage For The First Time.


The Teenage Video Game Nerd Was Inspired By James Rolfe's Angry Video Game Nerd Since They're Nerds For Video Games And They Complain About Everything.

The Nerd Wears Different Shirts Through Out The Videos

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