The three punks are characters of the day in The Lost Lapras. Ash and Misty discovered the three punks abusing a baby Lapras. Apparently they wanted to use it to travel through the Orange Archipelago so that they could challenge the Orange Crew. They struck it repeatedly with sticks in order to get it to move. They were confronted by Ash and Misty and a battle ensued. As they were about to begin, they were stopped by a then unknown Tracey who examined their Pokémon. He stated that all of their Pokémon were "pitifully underdeveloped". While Tracey was about to test Pikachu's Thunder Shock, the three punks attacked. Pikachu let out a strong Thunder Shock attack which shocked them and their Pokémon, as well as Tracey. The three punks then ran away in fear. Because of what these Trainers did to it, Lapras started off not trusting humans. It eventually had a change of heart by the end of the episode once it saw what Ash was willing to do for it.

Voice Actors:

  1. Matthew Mitler - English
  2. Ted Lewis - English
  3. Maddie Blaustein - English



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