The Toonies Cast

The cast for the main characters. (Credit to Princess Dynasti for the template.)

RetroGameFan9000's movie-spoof of The Goonies.


  • Roobear Koala (Adventures of the Little Koala) as Mikey Walsh
  • Mumfie (Magic Adventures of Mumfie) as Mouth
  • Skippy Squirrel (Animaniacs) as Data
  • Speedy Cerviche (Samurai Pizza Cats) as Brandon Walsh
  • Peanut Otter (PB&J Otter) as Chunk
  • Patty Rabbit (Maple Town) as Andrea Carmichael
  • Lydia (Beetlejuice Cartoon) as Stef
  • Doraemon (Doraemon) as Sloth
  • Queen Beryl (Sailor Moon) as Mama Fratelli
  • Seymour Cheese (Samurai Pizza Cats) as Francis Fratelli
  • Wilde Wolf (Maple Town) as Jake Fratelli
  • Hello Kitty as Irene Walsh
  • Rude Dog (Rude Dog and the Dweebs) as Irving Walsh
  • Terk (Disney's Tarzan) as Rosalita
  • Montana Max (Tiny Toon Adventures) as Troy Perkins
  • Stinky Pete (Toy Story) as Mr. Perkins
  • Mappy (Namco) as the Sheriff
  • Top Cat as Deputy (Richard Donner; cameo)
  • Danger Mouse as Chester Copperpot (photo only)


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