NR1 TWC 1998-2004 Poster
A parody of The Wild Thornberrys from NatureRules1 and  Stanley x Joy,. 

Human Cast

  • Joy (Inside Out) as Elizabeth Thornberry (both are tomboys, smart, slender and freindly)
  • Dennis (Stanley) as Darwin Thornberry (Both are cowards, and big protectors)
  • Mac Foster (FHFIF) as Donnie Thornberry
  • Star Butterfly (SVTFOE) as Debbie Thornberry
  • Homer Simpson as Nigel Thornberry
  • Marge Simpson as Marianne Thornberry
  • ??? as Kip O'Donnell
  • ??? as Neil Beiderman
  • Robin (TTG) as Tyler Tucker
  • Marco Diaz (SVTFOE) as Boko
  • Terence (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) as Sloan Blackburn
  • ??? as Cordelia Thornberry 
  • ??? as Radcliffe Thornberry
  • Darla Sherman (Finding Nemo) as Bree Blackburn
  • ??? as Victoria
  • Disgust (Inside Out) as Sara Wellington
  • Stanley Griff (Stanley) as Shane G.

Species Cast List

Voice Actors

  • Amy Pohler
  • Charles Shaungessy
  • Sean Marquette
  • Eden Sher
  • Dan Castella

Films and Shows Used in the Backround

  • The Wild Thornberrys (1998-2004)

Films and Show Clips Used


Character Cast (Humans)

Species Casts

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