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Sleep Story:

  • Stampy: Whew! It was just a sleep story.

Can't Catch Me:

Feeling Restless:


The Journey Begins:

Loyal Followers:

All Mixed Up:

Icky Gooey Place:

  • Betty: I really do not like this place. It is worse than the high place with the deep holes.

The Lookout:

  • Grandpa Elephant: Well, Stampy, what do you see?
  • Stampy: Grandpa, I think we're here!

Snoring Boulder:

  • Cody: That not Matt.
  • Betty: I did not know boulders could snore.
  • Chelsie: They can't, but predators can!

Like Father, Like Son:

A Kind Offer:

Brock's Story:

"Me and My Dad":

Saving the World:

Families Old and New:


Something Wonderful:

"Bestest Friend":


  • Betty: I just have one question. Do we have to go back through the swamp?