Talking Tom Talk

Talking Tom as bob parr/mr. incredible


Talking Angela as Helen parr/elastigirl

Mewsette 1

Mewsette as violet parr

Talking Ginger

Ginger as dash parr


Toulouse as Jack Jack parr


Tramp as Frozone (Lucius best)

Jaune Tom as Colonel Hathi

Jaune Tom as tony rydinger

Big Mama Owl

Big Mama as Edna mode


Scrooge mcduck as rick dicker

Spy Fox (character)

Spy fox as Winston deavor

Wicked Mirage

Mirage as Evelyn deavor

Professor Ratigan

Ratigan as The screenslaver


Lady as honey best (Lucius’s wife)

Gia the Jaguar

Gia as Karen/voyd

Large Soft Toy Pogo25 copy grande

Pogo as he-lectrix

Zazu by twixie09-d5x6803

Zazu as screech

Jiminy cricket as reflux

Dudley Puppy in TUFF Puppy

Dudley puppy as krushauer

Shadow Sonic X

Shadow as Pizza boy


Peaches as the ambassador

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