• Gordon as Pongo - (Gordon and Pongo are both big, strong, proud, and fatherly)
  • Emily as Perdita - (Emily and Perdita are both beautiful and loving)
  • Elizabeth as Cruella De Vil
  • BoCo as Roger Radcliffe
  • Daisy as Anita Radcliffe
  • Molly as Nanny - (Molly and Nanny are both have five letters in one name)
  • Frankie as Jasper - (I know Frankie is female and Jasper is male)
  • Hurricane as Horace - (Hurricane and Horace are both named begins with the letter 'H' and ends with the letter 'E')
  • Percy as Lucky - (Percy and Lucky are both have five letters in one name and ends with the letter 'Y')
  • Rosie as Penny - (Rosie and Penny are both cute)
  • Thomas as Patch - (Thomas and Patch are both cheeky)
  • Rusty as Pepper - (Rusty was a female in the American narration of Tuneful Toots and Duncan and the Old Mine)
  • Stepney as Freckles
  • Peter Sam as Rolly
  • Duck as Sgt. Tibbs
  • Henry as The Colonel - (Henry and The Colonel are both big, clumsy, strong and funny)
  • Edward as The Captain - (Edward and The Captain are both wise)
  • Oliver as Danny
  • Toad as Scottie - (Toad and Scottie are both have the letter 'O' in the middle of their names)
  • Flora as Lucy
  • Toby as Towser - (Toby and Towser are both brown, old, and names start with "To")
  • Neville as The Collie
  • Douglas as The Labrador - (Douglas and The Labrador are both wear black)
  • James as Thunderbolt - (James and Thunderbolt are both vain and fast)
  • Diesel as Lil Lighting - (Diesel and Lil Lighting are both selfish and rude)
  • Arthur as Lars
  • Diesel 10 as Dirty Dawson - (Diesel 10 and Dirty Dawson are both evil, malicious, mean, and their names start with the letter 'D')


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