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  • Gordon as Stan - (Gordon and Stan are both big, important, smart, kind-hearted, grumpy at times and wear blue)
  • Emily as Francine - (Emily and Francine are both the main females, sexy, beautiful and wife figures to Gordon and Stan)
  • Rosie as Hayley - (Rosie and Hayley are both sweet)
  • Thomas as Steve - (Thomas and Steve are both young, cheeky and son figures to Gordon and Stan)
  • James as Roger - (James and Roger are both loud, vain and bad-tempered)
  • Duncan as Klaus - (Duncan and Klaus are both stubborn)
  • Percy as Snot - (Percy and Snot are both best buds to Thomas and Steve)
  • Bertie as Barry - (Bertie and Barry are both named begins with the letter 'B')
  • Hiro as Toshi - (Hiro and Toshi are both speak Japanese)
  • Sir Handel as Young Stan (flashbacks)
  • Stepney as Jeff
  • Edward as Avery Bullock - (Edward and Avery Bullock are both sometimes rivals to Gordon and Stan)
  • Molly as Miriam Bullock - (Molly and Miriam Bullock are both have their names start with letter 'M')
  • Toad as Avery, Jr.
  • Sally Seaplane (from TUGS) as Gwen Ling - (from the episode "Now and Gwen" , Season 10 - Episode 8)
  • Duck as Sanders - (Duck and Sanders are both western)
  • Oliver as Jackson
  • Toby as Principal Brian Lewis
  • Henry as Dick Reynolds - (Henry and Dick Reynolds are both good friends to Gordon and Stan)
  • Flying Scotsman as Bill - (Flying Scotsman and Bill are both twins to Gordon and Stan)
  • Neville as Reginald
  • Mighty Mac as Greg and Terry
  • Arthur as Bob Memari
  • Pip (from RWS) as Linda Memari
  • Emma (from RWS) as Debbie Hyman
  • Daisy as Lisa Silver - (Daisy is a villain in Season 2)
  • Elizabeth as Scarlett Reynolds
  • Spencer as Chuck White - (Spencer and Chuck White are both pompous and arrogant)
  • Mavis as Christie White - (Mavis and Christie White are both rude in their debuts)
  • Lillie Lightship (from TUGS) as Betty Smith
  • Big Mac (from TUGS) as Jack Smith
  • Evil Gordon (A fan-made Thomas character) as Cyborg Stan - (from the Episode "May the Best Stan Win", Season 5 Episode 12)
  • Diesel 10 as Stelio Kontos - (Diesel 10 and Stelio Kontos are both big, strong, evil, violent and rivals to Gordon and Stan)