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  • Thomas as Young Bambi (Thomas and Young Bambi are both cheeky, cute and the main characters)
  • Percy as Young Thumper (Thomas and Percy are best friends, just like Young Bambi and Young Thumper are)
  • Toby as Young Flower (Toby and Young Flower are both wise)
  • Rosie as Young Faline (Rosie and Young Faline are both relationships with Thomas and Young Bambi)
  • Henry as Adult Bambi (Henry and Adult Bambi are both timid)
  • James as Adult Thumper (James and Adult Thumper are both splendid)
  • BoCo as Adult Flower (Adult Flower's voice suits BoCo)
  • Emily as Adult Faline (Emily and Adult Faline are both beautiful)
  • Molly as Bambi's Mother (Molly and Bambi's Mother are both motherly)
  • Gordon as The Great Prince of the Forest (Gordon and The Great Prince of the Forest are both fatherly and have deep voices)
  • Thumper as Mr. Mole
  • Edward as Friend Owl (Edward and Friend Owl are both old, wise and kind)
  • Toad as Baby Bambi
  • Skarloey and Rheneas as Geno and Gurri
  • Madge as Flower's Girlfriend
  • Flora as Thumper's Girlfriend
  • Belle as Aunt Ena
  • Millie as Mrs. Quail
  • Mavis as Thumper's Mother
  • Oliver, Duck, and Lady as The Rabbits
  • Smudger as Young Ronno (Smudger and Young Ronno are both evil and mean to Thomas and Young Bambi)
  • Spencer as Adult Ronno (Spencer is a real villain in Hero of the rails)
  • The Chinese Dragon as The Hunter
  • Bill and Ben as Chipmunk and Squirrel
  • Troublesome Trucks as Hunter's Dogs
  • Hector as Porcupine (Hector and Porcupine are both were mean first, then they become good later one)
  • Trevor as Groundhog
  • Old Slow Coach as Mena
  • Daisy as Ronno's Mother
  • Annie, Clarable, Henrietta, Caroline as Thumper's Sisters 



  • Thomas: He stopped and and looked at me.
  • Molly: Yes, I know.
  • Thomas: Why was everyone still when he came to the station?
  • Molly: Everyone respects him. For of all the engines on the railway, not one has lived half so long. He is very brave and very wise. That's why he is known as the Great Prince of the Railway.
  • Molly: He doesn't puff that good, does he?
  • Mavis: Percy!
  • Percy: Yes, mama?
  • Mavis: What did your father tell you this morning?
  • Thomas: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.
  • Edward: (repeat line): Oh, what now?
  • Molly: Thomas! Quick! The thicket! Faster! Faster, Thomas! Don't look back! Keep running! Keep running!
  • Thomas: Mother? Mother?
  • Gordon: You're mother can't be with you anymore. Come, my son.