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  • Thomas as Greg Heffley (both main characters, smart, kind and positive and left out at times)
  • Percy as Rowley Jefferson (both cool, nice and best pals to Thomas and Greg)
  • James as Rodrick Heffley (both vain, strict and think they know everything)
  • Bill/Ben as Manny Heffley
  • Gordon as Frank Heffley (both cocky at times and father figures to Thomas and Greg)
  • Molly as Susan Heffley (both love Gordon and Frank)
  • Peter Sam as Lil' Cutie
  • Mavis as Heather Hills (both stubborn at first)
  • Emily as Holly Hills (both beautiful, sexy and girlfriends to Thomas and Greg)
  • Sir Handel as Chirag (Spencer can't be Chirag!)
  • Toby as Grandpa Heffley (both old, wise and father figures to Gordon and Frank)
  • Daisy as Patty Farrell (both spoiled, selfish and rivals to Thomas and Greg)
  • Whiff as Fregley (both wear glasses)
  • Oliver as Ben Segal
  • Duncan as Bill Walter
  • Spencer as Robert Jefferson (both unapproved Thomas and Greg)
  • Edward as Mr. Winsky
  • Skarloey as Principal Roy
  • Lady as Angie Steadman (Angie's voice suits Lady)
  • Duck as Collin Lee
  • Derek as The Cranium Shaker Guy
  • Murdoch as Coach Malone
  • Bertie as Sweetie
  • Stepney as Jeff Kinney
  • Caroline as Linda Jefferson
  • Madge as Mrs. Hills
  • Flying Scotsman as Mr. Hills
  • Henry as Joe Heffley
  • BoCo as Gary Heffley
  • Diesel as Stan Warren (both devious and rivals to Gordon and Frank)

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