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  • Thomas as Twilight Sparkle (Thomas and Twilight Sparkle are both the main characters and start with 'T')
  • Oliver as Spike (Oliver was seen with Thomas in Thomas and the Special Letter)
  • Percy as Pinkie Pie (Percy and Pinkie Pie are both cheeky and start with 'P')
  • Gordon as Rainbow Dash (Gordon and Rainbow Dash are both blue, fast and proud)
  • Henry as Applejack (Henry and Applejack are both wise, stubborn at times and work near trees)
  • James as Rarity (James and Rarity are both vain and splendid)
  • Edward as Fluttershy (Edward and Fluttershy are both wise, kind and friendly)
  • Duck as Starlight Glimmer (Duck was formerly a villain in Tobias and the Half Pariah)
  • Timothy the Ghost Engine (from Creepypasta) as Sunset Shimmer
  • Mike as Scootaloo
  • Rex as Apple Bloom
  • Bert (Arlesdale) as Sweetie Belle
  • Frank (from the RWS) as Babs Seed
  • Rosie as Gabby
  • BoCo as Princess Celestia
  • Daisy as Princess Luna
  • Lady as Princess Cadence (Lady and Princess Cadence are both magical)
  • Stephen as Shining Armor
  • Godred (from the RWS) as Prince Blueblood
  • Big City Engine (from the RWS) as Prince Rutherford
  • Emma (from Jim Button) as Flurry Heart
  • Ashima as Princess Ember
  • Hector as Thorax (Hector is an outcast to the trucks, just like how Thorax is an outcast to the changelings)
  • Charlie as Princess Skystar (Charlie and Princess Skystar are both fun)
  • Billy as Queen Novo (Billy and Queen Novo are both bossy)
  • Murdoch as Big Macintosh (Murdoch and Big Macintosh are both big and strong)
  • Duke as Granny Smith
  • Bertram as Grand Pear
  • Hiro as Braeburn
  • Alaric and Eric (from the RWS) as Aunt and Uncle Orange
  • Colin as Hayseed Turnip Truck
  • Glynn as Apple Strudel
  • Toots (from Porky's Railroad) as Auntie Applesauce
  • Jason (from Back to the Klondike) as Apple Rose
  • Alfred (from Porky's Railroad) as Goldie Delicious
  • Henry's Parents (OCs) as Bright Mac and Pear Butter
  • The Chuggington Characters as The Rest of the Apple Family
  • Jinty and Pug (from the RWS) as Limestone and Marble Pie
  • Molly as Maud Pie
  • Percy's Parents (OCs) as Ingenious Rock Pie and Cloudy Quartz
  • Edward's Parents (OCs) as Mr. Shy and Mrs. Shy
  • Shane as Zephyr Breeze
  • Connor as Mr. Cake
  • Caitlin as Mrs. Cake
  • An-An as Pumpkin Cake
  • Yin-Long as Pound Cake
  • Sir Handel as Gallus (Sir Handel and Gallus are both wear blue)
  • Peter Sam as Silverstream
  • Duncan as Smolder
  • Rusty as Yona
  • Skarloey as Sandbar (Skarloey is the leader of the narrow gauge engines, just like how Sandbar is the leader of the students of the School of Friendship)
  • Rheneas as Ocellus
  • Arry as Diamond Tiara
  • Norman as Filthy Rich
  • Steve the Silver Engine (from The Little Engine that Won a Medal) as Spoiled Rich
  • Bert as Silver Spoon
  • Jock (from the RWS) as Twist
  • Bill as Snips
  • Ben as Snails
  • Blister 1 and Blister 2 (from the RWS) as Sunny Daze and Peachy Pie
  • Culdee (from the RWS) as Pipsqueak
  • Ernest (from the RWS) as Featherweight
  • Lord Harry (from the RWS) as Rumble
  • Wilfred (from the RWS) as First Base
  • Freddie as Tender Taps
  • Mighty Mac as Toola Roola and Coconut Cream (Mighty Mac fought with each other at first but later learned to become friends, just like how Toola Roola and Coconut Cream did)
  • D199 as Nightmare Moon
  • S.C.Ruffey as Queen Chrysalis
  • D261 as King Sombra (D261 and King Sombra are both evil)
  • Cerberus (from The Little Engine That Could '2011 Film') as Lord Tirek (Cerberus and Lord Tirek are both big, strong, evil, powerful, scary, and mean to Thomas and Twilight Sparkle)
  • Diesel 10 as The Storm King (Diesel 10 and The Storm King are both big, strong, evil, powerful, scary, and mean)
  • Smudger as Cozy Glow (Smudger and Cozy Glow are both small but evil)
  • 16 (from the RWS) as Grogar
  • Spencer as Gilda (Spencer and Gilda are both rivals to Gordon and Rainbow Dash)
  • Mavis as Trixie (Mavis and Trixie were both mean at first, but became nice)
  • Diesel as Discord (Diesel and Discord are both evil and have names starting with "Di")
  • Bear (from the RWS) as Stygian
  • Frankie as Tempest Shadow (Frankie and Tempest Shadow are both reformed)
  • Stanley No. 2 (from the RWS) as Chancellor Neighslay
  • Rickety, Fred Pelhay and ULP (from the RWS) as Hoops, Dumbbell, and Score
  • Splatter and Dodge as Flim and Flam
  • 98462 (from the RWS) as Lightning Dust
  • Tigermoth as Mane-iac
  • The Spiteful Breakvan as Dr. Caballeron
  • Old Stuck Up (from the RWS) as Suri Poliomare
  • Silver Fish (from Porky's Railroad) as Wind Rider
  • Vinnie as Svengallop
  • 87546 (from the RWS) as Gladmane
  • The Horrid Lorries as The Diamond Dogs
  • Bulstrode as Ahuiztol
  • Bulgy as Garble
  • George as Sludge
  • Eagle (from the RWS) as Hoity Toity
  • Katy Caboose (from Little Golden Book Land) as Photo Finish
  • Tracy (from The Little Engine That Could '2011 Film') as Sapphire Shores
  • Arthur as Fancy Pants
  • Stepney as Daring Do
  • Mary (from The Little Engine That Could '2011 Film') as Prim Hemline
  • Neville as Trenderhoof
  • Nia as Coloratura
  • Farnsworth (from The Little Engine That Could) as Zesty Gourmand
  • Tillie (from The Little Engine That Could) as Songbird Serenade (Tillie and Songbird Seranade are both have sung a memorable song)
  • Montana (from Play Safe) as Spitfire (Montana and Spitfire are both powerful)
  • The Flying Scotsman as Soarin
  • 8783 (from the RWS) as Blaze
  • 1020 (from the RWS) as Surprise
  • Green Arrow (from the RWS) as Fleetfoot
  • Harry Hogwarts (from Harry Potter) as Misty Fly
  • Toyland Express (from Babes in Toyland) as High Winds
  • Stanley as Thunderlane
  • Evening Express (from The Little Engine That Could '2011 Film') as Firestreak
  • Sir Reginald (from Madeline/Casey. Jr and Friends) as Silver Zoom
  • Gordon's Brothers (from the RWS) as The Rest of the Wonderbolts
  • Judy as Nurse Redheart
  • Jerome as Doctor Horse
  • Belle as Dr. Fauna
  • Doc (from The Little Engine That Could) as Doc Top
  • Whiff as Mage Meadowbrook
  • Merlin as Flash Mangus
  • Iron Duke (from the RWS) as Mistmane
  • Sam as Rockhoof
  • Duchess of Hamilton (from the RWS) as Somnambula
  • Earnest (from the RWS) as Star Swirl the Bearded
  • Toby as Mayor Mare (Toby and Mayor Mare are both wear brown)
  • Toby's Brother (from the RWS) as Writing Desk
  • Emily as Cheerilee
  • Annie and Clarabel as Spa ponies
  • Flynn as Sheriff Silverstar
  • Hank as Davenport
  • Thomas' Parents (OCs) as Twilight Velvet and Night Light
  • Reg as Joe
  • James' Parents (OCs) as Hondo Flanks and Cookie Crumbles
  • Den and Dart as Jet Set and Upper Crust
  • Minerva (from The Little Engine That Could '2011 Film') as Fleur de Lis
  • Madge as Junebug
  • Caroline as Cherry Jubilee
  • Sidney as Gizmo
  • Fergus as Roma
  • Humphrey and Rodrick (from The Little Engine That Could '2011 Film') as Cloudchaser and Flitter
  • Buster as Bulk Biceps
  • Hong-Mei as Mrs. Peachbottom
  • Pete (from The Little Engine That Could) as Mrs. Harshwinny
  • Nelson as Flash Sentry
  • Dennis as Coco Pommel
  • Salty as Cheese Sandwich (Salty and Cheese Sandwich are both like to sing)
  • Jebidiah (from The Little Engine That Could) as Randolph
  • Paxton as Silver Shill
  • Theo as Stellar Eclipse
  • Axel as Claude
  • Georgia (from The Little Engine That Could) as Sugar Belle
  • Melissa (from Onion Pacific) as Night Glider
  • Tom Jerry (from Onion Pacific) as Party Favor
  • Pufle (from Choo Choo the Little Switch Engine) as Double Diamond
  • Derek as Trouble Shoes
  • Lexi as Tree Hugger
  • Rasmus (from Rasmus Klump) Moon Dancer
  • Frieda as Sassy Saddles
  • Big Mickey as Spearhead
  • Proteus as Sunburst
  • Albert (MSR) and Atlas (from the RWS) as Mr. Stripes and Plaid Stripes
  • Etienne as Coriander Cumin
  • Gina as Saffron Masala
  • Patrick as Quibble Pants
  • Oliver (Excavator) as Petunia Paleo
  • Aubrey as Vapor Trail
  • Aiden as Sky Stinger
  • Rebecca as Angel Wings
  • Gordon's Parents (OCs) as Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles
  • Scruff as Cattail
  • Rajiv as Feather Bangs
  • Gator as Mudbriar
  • Carter as Firelight
  • Kobe as Stellar Flare
  • City of Truro as Jack Pot
  • Marion as Autumn Blaze
  • Gabriela as Rain Shine
  • Harvey as Zecora
  • Cranky as Cranky Doodle Donkey
  • Carly as Matilda
  • Choo Choo (from Choo Choo: The Story of a Little Engine Who Ran Away) as Mulia Mild
  • Jeremy as Seabreeze
  • Caboose (from The Little Engine That Could '2011 Film') as Pharynx
  • Ulli as Captain Celaeno
  • The 4 Other Mainland Diesels as The Other Pirates
  • Ivo Hugh (from the RWS) as Terramar
  • Emerson and Isla as Sky Beak and Ocean Flow
  • Captain as Steven Magnet
  • Byron as Chief Thunderhooves
  • Isobella as Little Strongheart
  • Bradford as Iron Will
  • Gustavo as Gustave Le Grand
  • Merrick as Grandpa Gruff
  • Skiff as The Smooze
  • Mallard (from the RWS) as Greta
  • Hurricane as Grubber
  • Beresford as Capper
  • Bertie as Angel
  • Terence as Winona
  • Elizabeth as Opalescence
  • Trevor as Gummy
  • Harold as Owlowiscious
  • Toad as Tank
  • Owen as Peewee
  • Stefano as Harry
  • Butch as Ripley
  • Max and Monty as Ursa Major and Ursa Minor
  • Samson (from The Brave Locomotive) as Cerberus
  • Barker (from AICP Minneapolis 2007) as Hydra
  • Casey Jr. (from Disney's Dumbo) as Dr. Hooves (Casey Jr. and Dr. Hooves are both smart and clever)
  • Greendale Rocket (from Postman Pat) as Derpy (Greendale Rocket and Derpy are both deliver mail)
  • Donald as Bon Bon
  • Douglas as Lyra
  • Porter as Cherry Fizzy
  • Timothy as Tootsie Roll
  • Primrose (from the RWS) as Octavia
  • Bluebell (from the RWS) as DJ PON 3
  • Rocky as Cherry Berry
  • Jack as Daisy
  • Alfie as Lily Valley
  • Kelly as Roseluck
  • Kevin as Button Mash
  • Ned as Goldengrape
  • Samson as Star Tracker
  • Scott (from Dinosaur Train) as Shoeshine
  • Flora as Blossomforth
  • Old Slow Coach as Cloud Kicker
  • Chugs (from The Easter Bunny is Coming to Town) as Parasol
  • Ferdinand as Mr. Greenhooves
  • Thumper as Coco Crusoe
  • Shawn (from Shawn the Train) as Neon Lights
  • Fred (from the RWS) as Caramel
  • Ace as Ace
  • Metro (from Rustee Rails Rides Again) as Surf
  • Hai Hai (from Kikansha Yaemon) as Turf
  • Yong Bao as Parish Nandermane
  • Carlos as Jeff Leoterski
  • Hugo as Noteworthy
  • Kwaku as Rare Find
  • Beau as Star Hunter
  • Noor Jehan as Fiery Fricket
  • Dexter as Written Script
  • Hannah as Rainbowshine
  • Henrietta as Merry May
  • Beulah (from Anastasia) as White Lightning
  • Millie as Millie (Millie and Millie are both have the same name)
  • Ester as Thorn
  • Brenda as Ambrosia
  • Darcy as Drill Bit
  • Lei as Cream Puff
  • Shankar as Steamer
  • Tamika as Sassaflash
  • Lorenzo as Dusty Pages
  • Beppe as First Folio
  • Sigrid of Arlesdale (from the RWS) as Kettle Corn
  • Wilbert (from the RWS) as Comet Tail
  • Pip and Emma (from the RWS) as Amythest Star and Sea Swirl
  • The Works Diesel (from the RWS) as Orange Swirl
  • Albert (from the RWS) as Lucky Clover
  • Shane Dooiney (from the RWS) as Chipcutter
  • Philip as Chip Mint
  • Steamer (from Little Chug) as Mr. Waddle
  • Puffa (from TUGS) as Jasmine Leaf
  • The Goods Engine (from TUGS) as Rain Catcher
  • Victoria and Helena (from the RWS) as Apple Fritter and Peachy Sweet
  • Slip Coaches as Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine, and Minuette
  • Gertrude and Millicent (from the RWS) as Shady Daze and Skeedaddle
  • The Ballast Spreader (from the RWS) as Sunshower Raindrops
  • 31120 and 10751 (from the RWS) as Toe Tapper and Torch Song
  • Cora (from the RWS) as Ruby Pinch
  • Elsie (from the RWS) as Royal Riff
  • Catherine (from the RWS) as Candy Mane
  • Luke as Winter Lotus
  • Ruth (from the RWS) as Noi
  • Lucy (from the RWS) as Zipporwhill
  • Jemina (from the RWS) as Pokey Pierce
  • Beatrice (from the RWS) as Meadow Song
  • Remus (from Rasmus Klump) as Morning Roast
  • Neil (from the RWS) as Golden Harvest
  • Ryan as Starry Eyes
  • Rusty (from The Little Engine That Could '2011 Film') as HooFar (Not TTTE Rusty, but The Little Engine That Could 2011 Film's Rusty)
  • Harvey Zilth (from The Racoons) as Ponet
  • Tootle (from Little Golden Book Land) as Cresent Moon
  • Alice (from the RWS) as Berry Bliss
  • Mirabel (from the RWS) as Citrine Spark
  • Isabel (from the RWS) as Peppermint Goldylinks
  • Dulcie (from the RWS) as Sweet Biscuit
  • Johnny (from The Brave Engineer) as Alley Way
  • Ivor (from Ivor the Engine) as Strike
  • Bonnie (from PoserDirect) as Helia
  • Shelbert (from The Little Engine That Could '2011 Film') as Sprinkle Meledy
  • Big Tim (from Big Tim) as Stormfeather
  • Jacob Pneumatic (from An American Tail 3) as Woah Nelly
  • Ivan as Sourpuss
  • Raul as Dinky Doo
  • Cassia as Clear Sky
  • Sasha (from The Little Engine from Daisyland) as Wind Sprint
  • Azul (from Dora the Explorer) as Aunt Lofty
  • Huey (from Dora the Explorer) as Aunt Holiday
  • Barry (from the RWS) as Snap Shutter
  • Austerity Engine (from the RWS) as Mane Allgood
  • Tower (from The Little Engine That Could '2011 Film') as Madden
  • Tower (from The Little Engine That Could '1991 Version') as Lucy Packard
  • Ada, Jane and Mabel (from the RWS) as Aurora, Bori and Alice
  • The Caterpillar Crane as Pistachio
  • Logan as Butternut
  • Dustin as Oaknut
  • Fernando as Clear Skies
  • Ghost Train as Headless Horse
  • Jerry as Citrus Blush
  • Jim as Moonlight Raven
  • Tim as Pretzel
  • Alfred as Sunshine Smiles
  • John as Sweet Biscuit
  • Jennings as Cayenne
  • Rustee Rails (from Little Tykes) as Sans Smirk
  • Pano (from Pano the Train) as Trapeze Star
  • Dan (from The Little Engine That Won a Medal) as Lily Longsocks
  • Hans (from Roundabout Train) as Globe Trotter
  • Trevor the Steam Train (from Trevor the Steam Train) as Mixed Berry
  • Benjie Enjie (from Benjie Enjie) as Cinder Glow
  • Bash as Lighthoof
  • Dash as Shimmy Shake
  • Agnes (from the RWS) as as Strawberry Sunrise
  • Lily (from WildNorWester) as Lily Lace
  • Adam (from WildNorWester) as Inky Rose
  • Colin (from WildNorWester) as Starstreak
  • Linus (from The Brave Locomotive) as Mayor Sunny Skies
  • Bahia Train (from The 3 Caballeros) as Petunia Petals
  • Victor as Torch Wrench
  • Natalie as Kerfuffle
  • Train (from The Magic Roundabout) as Barley
  • Little Chug (from Little Chug) as Pickle
  • Jake (from Budgie the Little Helicopter) as Moody Root
  • Steam Lokey (from Paul Bunyan) as Mrs. Hoofington
  • Pufferty (from Tickety Toc) as Mr. Hoofington
  • Basil (from Wind in the Willows) as Luster Dawn
  • Winston as Biscuit
  • Stafford as Spur
  • Benny the Cab (from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?) as Bloofy
  • Marge (an made-up Narrow Guage Engine) as Little Cheese
  • Bernie (from the Magic School Bus) as Yelena
  • Radar (from Pelle the Police Car, Police Patrol and Bold Eagles) as Georgia
  • Brum (from Brum) as Gallop J. Fry
  • Little Grey Fergie (from The Little Grey Fergie) as River Song
  • Troublesome Trucks and Rolling Stock as Changelings
  • Rolling Stock as Animals and Other Creatures
  • The Zombies from Plants vs. Zombies as the Parasprites
  • Timothy, Smokey, Little Hank, Gary, Luke, Michael, Billy, Ken, Flyer, Paul, Ian, Richard, Allen, Bart, Sidney, Harriet, Tyler, Casey the Third, Tim, Vector, Fearless Excellent Fred, Toot, Adam, Louis, Candice, Jedidiah, Patrick, Eli, Brent, Owen, Tracy, Ned, Rob, Jacob, Joe, Old Bill, William, Dr. Emmit Brown's Time Train, Jules & Verne's Time Train, Bond, Callum, Big Red and Fred (from New Friends for Casey Jr.) as Yaks
  • Yaemon, Bullet Brothers, and Commuter Sisters (from Kikansha Yaemon) as Kirins
  • The Bob the Builder Characters as Crystal Ponies
  • The BWBA Recolors as Griffons
  • The TUGS Characters and the Theodore Tugboat Characters (except for antagonists) as Seaponies/Hippogriffs
  • The TUGS and Theodore Tugboat antagonists as Dragons
  • The Battle for BFDI Characters and The Plants from Plants vs. Zombies as Other Background Ponies

Cast from other shows:

Spongebob Squarepants

  • Flying Thistle as Spongebob
  • Rainbow Sun as Patrick
  • Sonny as Squidward
  • Kenji as Mr. Krabs
  • Duchess as Pearl
  • Algy as Larry
  • Cleo as Sandy
  • The Naughty Pink Truck as Plankton
  • Posh Coach 1 as Karen
  • Posh Coach 2 as Mrs. Puff
  • Marcio as Mermaid Man
  • Marcia as Barnacle Boy
  • Bluebird as Gary
  • Silver as Dennis
  • Old Bennett as Flats the Flounder
  • The Green Bus as Fred
  • Annie and Clarabel's Old Friend as Old Man Jenkins
  • Thirteen as Perch Perkins
  • Chinese Dragon as Hash-Slinging Slasher
  • Sailor John as Burger Beard

The Simpsons

  • Carols on Wheels as Homer
  • The Station Coach as Marge
  • Sidney (narrow gauge) as Bart
  • The Ice Cream Van as Lisa
  • The Play Coach as Maggie
  • Little Barford as Milhouse
  • The Old Guard's Van as Principal Skinner
  • Victor (playground engine) as Grandpa Abe
  • Angus as Ned
  • The New Coach as Mr. Burns
  • The Animal Sanctuary Coach as Moe
  • The Bright Truck as Barney
  • The Chinese Diesel as Rod
  • The Arizona Diesel as Todd


Season 1

  1. Friendship is Magic - Part 1
  2. Friendship is Magic - Part 2
  3. The Ticket Master
  4. Applebuck Season
  5. Streamlined Tender Engine the Brush Off
  6. Boast Buster
  7. Dragonward
  8. Look Before You Sleep
  9. Bridle Gossip
  10. Swarm of the Century
  11. Winter Wrap Up
  12. Call of the Cutie
  13. Fall Weather Friends
  14. Suited for Success
  15. Feeling Percy Keen
  16. Sonic Rainboom
  17. Stare Master
  18. The Show Stoppers
  19. A Lorry and Engine Show
  20. Green Isn't Your Color
  21. Over a Barrel
  22. A Bird in the Wheel
  23. The Cutie Mark Chronicles
  24. Helicopter's Well That Ends Well
  25. Party of One
  26. The Best Night Ever

Season 2

  1. The Return Of Harmony - Part 1
  2. The Return Of Harmony - Part 2
  3. Lesson Zero
  4. Daisy Eclipsed
  5. Brotherbuffers Social
  6. The Engine Pox
  7. May The Best Vehicle Win!
  8. The Mysterious Engine Do Well
  9. Sweet And Elite
  10. Secret Of My Excess
  11. Christmas Eve
  12. Family Appreciation Day
  13. Chinese Rolling Stock Coaches
  14. The Last Roundup
  15. The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000
  16. Read It And Weep
  17. Valentine's Day
  18. A Friend In Deed
  19. Putting Your Buffer Down
  20. It's About Time
  21. Great Western Engine Quest
  22. Hurricane Edward
  23. Knapford Confidential
  24. MMMystery On The Friendship Express
  25. A Callan Castle Wedding - Part 1
  26. A Callan Castle Wedding - Part 2

Season 3

  1. Bobsville - Part 1
  2. Bobsville - Part 2
  3. Too Many Percy's
  4. One Bad Apple
  5. Magic Duel
  6. Sleepless In Knapford
  7. Gordon's Brothers Academy
  8. Chuggington Reunion
  9. Oliver At Your Service
  10. Keep Calm And Ed On
  11. Just For Great Western Engines
  12. Games Engines Play
  13. Magical Mystery Cure

Season 4

  1. Prince Thomas - Part 1
  2. Prince Thomas - Part 2
  3. Castle Mane-ia
  4. Stepney Don't
  5. Puff To The Finish
  6. Power Engines
  7. Bats!
  8. James Takes Barrow-in-Furness
  9. Percy The Wise Green Engine
  10. Gordon Falls
  11. Three's A Crowd
  12. Percy Pride
  13. Simple Ways
  14. Little Engine Vanilli
  15. Thomas Time
  16. It Ain't Easy Being Planes
  17. Someengine To Watch Over Me
  18. Molly
  19. For Whom The Bert Toils
  20. Leap Of Faith
  21. Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3
  22. Trade Ya!
  23. Inspiration Manifestation
  24. Sodor Games
  25. Thomas' Kingdom - Part 1
  26. Thomas' Kingdom - Part 2

Season 5

  1. The Engine Map - Part 1
  2. The Engine Map - Part 2
  3. Sheds Sweet Sheds
  4. Doom And Gloom
  5. Toads For The Memories
  6. Great Western's Almost Wanted
  7. Make New Friends But Keep Diesel
  8. The Lost Treasure Of The BWBA Recolors
  9. Slice Of Life
  10. Prince Oliver
  11. Party Pooped
  12. Amending Fences
  13. Do Princes Dream Of Magic Sheep?
  14. Callan Castle Boutique
  15. James Investigates
  16. Made In Barrow-in-Furness
  17. Brotherbuffers Social 2
  18. Engines Of The Lost Number
  19. The One Where Percy Knows
  20. Hearthbreakers
  21. Scare Master
  22. What About Diesel?
  23. The Hatfields And McCoys
  24. The Paintwork Attraction
  25. The Engine Re-Number - Part 1
  26. The Engine Re-Number - Part 2

Season 6

  1. The Crystalling - Part 1
  2. The Crystalling - Part 2
  3. The Gift Of The Molly
  4. On Your Marks
  5. Gauntlet Of Steam
  6. No Second Chances
  7. Newbie Gordon
  8. A Christmas Tale
  9. The Saddle Row Review
  10. Henry's Day Off
  11. Ed-Brutter
  12. Spice Up Your Life
  13. Stranger Than Fan Fiction
  14. The Cart Before The Engines
  15. 28 Pranks Later
  16. The Times They Are A Troublesome Truck
  17. Dungeons And Diesels
  18. Buckball Season
  19. The Fault In Our Numbers
  20. Viva Las Engines
  21. Every Little Thing He Does
  22. E.P.O.V. (Engine Point Of View)
  23. Where The Chugger Lies
  24. Top Bro
  25. To Where And Back Again - Part 1
  26. To Where And Back Again - Part 2

Season 7

  1. Celestial Advice
  2. All Bottled Up
  3. A Emma Of Emotions
  4. Rock Solid Friendship
  5. Edward Leans In
  6. Forever Engine
  7. Hard To Say Anything
  8. Parental Glidance
  9. Honest Engine
  10. A Royal Problem
  11. Not Asking For Trouble
  12. Discordant Harmony
  13. The Perfect Pair
  14. Fame And Misfortune
  15. Triple Threat
  16. Campfire Tales
  17. To Change A Troublesome Truck
  18. Stepney Done?
  19. It Isn't The Paintwork Thing About You
  20. A Health Of Information
  21. Marks And Recreation
  22. Once Upon A Zeppelin
  23. Secrets And Pies
  24. Uncommon Bond
  25. Shadow Play - Part 1
  26. Shadow Play - Part 2

Season 8

  1. School Daze - Part 1
  2. School Daze - Part 2
  3. The Molly Couple
  4. Fake It Till You Make It
  5. Guys Gone Wild
  6. Surf And/Or Turf
  7. Engine Play
  8. The Parent Map
  9. Non Complete Clause
  10. The Break Up Break Down
  11. Molt Down
  12. Marks For Effort
  13. The Mean Steam Team
  14. A Matter Of Principals
  15. The Christmas Club
  16. Friendship University
  17. The End In Friend
  18. Train-Kity Sax
  19. Road To Friendship
  20. The Washouts
  21. A Sam And A Hard Place
  22. What Lies Beneath
  23. Sounds Of Silence
  24. Father Knows Beast
  25. School Raze - Part 1
  26. School Raze - Part 2

Season 9

  1. The Beginning Of The End - Part 1
  2. The Beginning Of The End - Part 2
  3. Uprooted
  4. Thomas' Seven
  5. The Point Of No Return
  6. Common Ground
  7. He's All Narrow Gauge
  8. Frenemies
  9. Sweet And Steamy
  10. Going To Seed
  11. Student Counsel
  12. The Last Engine
  13. Between Dark And Dawn
  14. The Last Laugh
  15. 2, 4, 6, Greaaat
  16. A Trivial Pursuit
  17. The Summer Sun Setback
  18. He Talks To Bertie
  19. Western Engine Dropped
  20. A Engine Wheel-in
  21. Stepney Doubt
  22. Growing Up Is Hard To Do
  23. The Murdoch Question
  24. The Ending Of The End - Part 1
  25. The Ending Of The End - Part 2
  26. The Last Problem


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