The Parody Wiki


  • Emily as Pocahontas (both beautiful)
  • Murdoch as John Smith (John Smith's voice suits Murdoch)
  • Thomas as Thomas (both share the same names)
  • Spencer as Governor Ratcliffe (Spencer was a real villain in HOTR)
  • Bertie as Meeko
  • Harold as Flit
  • Percy as Percy (both share the same names)
  • James as Wiggins (both splendid)
  • Elizabeth as Grandmother Willow
  • Gordon as Chief Powhatan (both fatherly)
  • Donald and Douglas as Ben and Lon (Donald and Douglas are twins, just like Ben and Lon are)
  • Rosie as Nakoma
  • Toby as Kekata
  • Hector as Kocoum
  • BoCo as King James
  • Mavis as Queen Anne
  • Troublesome Trucks as Guards
  • Stepney as Jester
  • Bill and Ben as Twin Owls
  • Freight Cars as Indians
  • Henry as John Rolfe
  • Bulgy as Uttamatomakkin
  • Flora as Mrs. Jenkins