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  • James as Robin Hood - (James and Robin Hood are both splendid)
  • Gordon as Little John - (Gordon and Little John are both big and strong)
  • Emily as Maid Marian - (Emily and Maid Marian are both beautiful)
  • Molly as Lady Kluck - (Molly and Lady Kluck are both kind and love Gordon and Little John)
  • Henry as Friar Tuck - (Henry and Friar Tuck are both wise and kind)
  • Edward as Alan-A-Dale - (Edward and Alan-A-Dale are both wise, kind, and tell stories)
  • Spencer as Prince John - (Spencer was a real villain in Hero of the Rails)
  • Smudger as Sir Hiss - (Smudger and Sir Hiss are both named begins with the letter 'S')
  • Bulgy as The Sheriff of Nottingham - (Bulgy and The Sheriff of Nottingham are both mean)
  • Elizabeth as Mrs. Rabbit - (Elizabeth and Mrs. Rabbit are both old)
  • Thomas as Skippy - (Thomas and Skippy are both wear blue)
  • Rosie as Sis - (Sis's voice suits Rosie)
  • Lady as Tagalong - (Lady and Tagalong are both little)
  • Toby as Toby - (Toby and Toby are both share the same names)
  • BoCo as Otto - (BoCo and Otto are both have four letters in one name and ends with the letter 'O')
  • Derek as Toby's Dad
  • Murdoch as King Richard 
  • Troublesome Trucks and The Evil Diesels as Wolf Hunters, Rhino Guards, Elephant Guards, and Hippo Guards, 
  • Bill and Ben as Trigger and Nutsy - (Bill and Ben are twins, just like Trigger and Nutsy are)
  • Diesel as The Crococaptain - (Diesel and The Crococaptain are both have scary voices, because he returns to Sodor and then he says "Good Morning" to Percy and Duck and the narrator says "Said Diesel in his oily voice" from "Diesel Does It Again" after the episode "Thomas, Percy, and the Dragon" and before the episode "Henry's Froest"! Scary!)
  • Percy as Father Mouse
  • Madge as Mother Mouse
  • The Chinese Dragon as The Runaway Tent - (The Rhino and Hippo Guards are inside the tent and ran off when Lady Kluck hits them)