• Murdoch as Mufasa - (Murdoch and Mufasa are both big, tough, strong, mighty, have names starting with "Mu" and father figures to Thomas and Young Simba)
  • Mavis as Sarabi - (Mavis and Sarabi are both mother figures to Thomas and Simba)
  • Thomas as Young Simba - (Thomas and Young Simba are both cheeky)
  • Rosie as Young Nala - (Rosie and Young Nala are both cute)
  • Daisy as Sarafina - (Daisy and Sarafina are both mother figures to Rosie and Young Nala)
  • Gordon as Adult Simba - (Gordon and Adult Simba are both big, strong and go fast)
  • Molly as Adult Nala - (Molly and Adult Nala are both strong and married to Gordon and Adult Simba)
  • James as Zazu - (James and Zazu are both vain and splendid)
  • Percy as Timon - (Percy and Timon are both have 5 letters in one name)
  • Toby as Pumbaa - (Toby and Pumbaa are both wear brown)
  • Edward as Rafiki - (Edward and Rafiki are both wise, kind and old)
  • Diesel 10 as Scar - (Diesel 10 and Scar are both the main villains and fight against Gordon and Adult Simba)
  • Diesel as Shenzi
  • Arry as Banzai
  • Bert as Ed
  • Toad as Gopher
  • Lady as Young Kiara
  • Rusty as Young Kovu
  • Emily as Adult Kiara
  • Duck as Adult Kovu
  • Elizabeth as Zira
  • Frankie as Vitani
  • Hurricane as Nuka
  • Flora as Timon's Mother
  • Henry as Uncle Max
  • Fergus as Iron Joe
  • Troublesome Trucks as The Hyenas and The Outsiders


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