• Emily as Ariel - (Emily and Ariel are both sexy, beautiful and the main female characters)
  • Thomas as Flounder - (Thomas and Flounder are both cute, cheeky and best friends to Emily and Ariel)
  • James as Sebastian - (James and Sebastian are both vain and wear red)
  • Harold as Scuttle - (Harold and Scuttle are both going on air)
  • Henry as Prince Eric - (Prince Eric's voice suits Henry)
  • Edward as Grimsby - (Edward and Grimsby are both wise, kind and old)
  • Toad as Max - (I think Toad would suit Max)
  • Gordon as King Triton - (Gordon and King Triton are both big, pompous, tough, strong and father figures to Emily and Ariel)
  • Percy as The Seahorse Herald - (Percy and The Seahorse Hearld are both small)
  • Elizabeth as Ursula - (Ursula's voice suits Elizabeth)
  • Max and Monty as Flotsam and Jetsam - (Max and Monty are twins, just like Flotsam and Jetsam)
  • Mavis as Carlotta
  • Spencer as Chef Louis - (Chef Louis' voice suits Spencer)
  • Annie as Attina
  • Clarabel as Alana
  • Henrietta as Adella
  • Rusty as Aquata - (Rusty was a female in the American narration of Tuneful Toots and Duncan and the Old Mine)
  • Old Slow Coach as Arista
  • Rosie as Andrina
  • Bulstrode as Glut the Shark - (Bulstrode and Glut the Shark are both villains who travel in sea)
  • Murdoch as The Priest
  • The Scrap Monster as Giant Ursula
  • Frankie as Vanessa


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