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Tiger is Fievel's cat friend from An American Tail.


Tiger played Woog in We're Back!: A Feline's Story

He is a dinosaur

Tiger played P.J. in The Bernard Movie

He is Max's best friend

Tiger played Crazy Joe in Lion Cub Tale (Dragon Rockz Shark Tale Style)

He is a crabs

Tiger played Speed in The Fox Princess

He is a turtle

Tiger played Mr. Wilson in Fievel and Jaq

He is Seth's divorced father

Tiger played Baloo in The Critter Book and The Critter Book 2

He is a sloth bear

Tiger played old Little Guy In The Powerpuff Girls (Coolzdane Animal Style) and The Powerpuff Girls (Coolzdane Animal Style) The Movie

He is a mayor

Tiger played Mr. Ross in Danny and Bagheera

He is Evelyn's father

Tiger played Angel Kronk in The Meerkat's New Groove, The Meerkat's New Groove II: Danny's New Groove and The Meerkat's New School

He is an angel

Tiger played Chief Powhatan In Duchhontas and Duchhontas 2: Journey to a New World

He is an Indian chief

Tiger played Chef Crash in Danny and Simba (aka: Crash & Bernstein)

He is Crash's chef alter-ego

Tiger played Peter Pan in Tiger Pan

He is a flying boy

Tiger played Mr. Potato Head in Microraptor Story

He is a Preschool toy

Tiger played Bing Bong in Inside Out (160 Movies Style)

He is Riley's imaginary friend

Tiger Played Spike Taylor in Dinosaur King (Chris1701 Style)

He is Max's Father

Tiger Played Simon Seville In Danny and the Cats (1983)

He is a Chipmunk

Tiger Played Harold Shrinks in Tom Shrinks

He is Junior's Father

Tiger Played Unamed man In Pokemon (TheBluesRockz Animal Style)

He is ????"s father

Tiger Played Elephant In Basil Bravo

He is a Elephant

Tiger played the Beast in Beauty and The Tabby Cat, Beauty and the Tabby Cat 2: The Enchanted Christmas, and Beauty and The Tabby Cat (2017)

He is a cursed prince.

Tiger Played Himse In An American (Chris1702 Style)

He is Same Cat

Tiger played Gruffi Gummi in The Adventures of the Gummi Cats

He is a Grumpy Gummi Bear

Tiger played Buttercup in Animal Story 3 (Pokemonfan12ful)

He is a Cat



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