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  • Tintin
  • Captain Haddock
  • Snowy
  • Grey
  • Bianca
  • Gypsy Mami
  • Gark
  • Thompson and Thomson
  • Professor Calculus
  • Ziko
  • Moz
  • Lyra
  • Shia
  • Duke
  • Grey Jr.
  • Ike
  • Josie
  • Simone
  • Cliff
  • Bucho
  • Baron
  • Belgour
  • Mrs. Finch
  • Skinny
  • Hobbler
  • Dee
  • Dum
  • Bianca Castafiore
  • Robyn Goodfellowe (Cameo)
  • Mebh Og Mactire (Cameo)
  • Aisling (Cameo)
  • Fat Albert (Cameo)
  • Rudy (Cameo)
  • Bill (Cameo)
  • Dumb Donald (Cameo)
  • Mushmouth (Cameo)
  • Weird Harold (Cameo)
  • Bucky (Cameo)
  • Russell (Cameo)


After the Events of The Adventures of Tintin, Tintin, Haddock and Snowy are on an adventure searching for Red Rackham's Treasure but a Magical Gigantic Wormhole appeared. Tintin tried to turn the plane away from it but the Wormhole sucked the plane right in, Tintin and Haddock woke up unconscious they discovered that they're at the sheep village which was After the Events of Sheep & Wolves: Pig Deal. The Sheep and Wolves are celebrating a Party by the tree after defeating Gark, Tintin doesn't know what is going on but they went to check anyway but Bucho blocked the way saying "They are Not Allowed" which angers Haddock trying to pick up a fight with Bucho by calling him a "Thundering Typhoon". Grey breaks up the fight between the two but Grey was shocked that they're Humans which means that Grey, Bianca and his friends haven't seen a Human in years, Grey, Bianca and his children Grey Jr. and Duke introduce theirselves with Tintin and Haddock doing the same with a big surprise Snowy had transformed into a Humanoid Dog like the Wolves which he could be able to Talk. Tintin, Haddock and Snowy are also introduced by Grey Friends, Moz, Lyra, Shia (now a Teen), Ike, Cliff, Josie, Simone and one of them was Surprised which was Ziko thinking that the Human Race would take over the World but Grey doesn't believe it, Grey thinks they should spend some nights at the village which Bianca agrees and Haddock's excitement. At a Welcome Party, while Everybody is dancing including Tintin, Grey and Bianca, Haddock was drinking along with Snowy while they're Drunk, Tintin notices that they were picking a fight but Tintin lets them both outside While they're continuing the Party, Tintin notices the same Wormhole from earlier. The Next Day, Tintin and Haddock are on a Mission to find out what that Wormhole is, Ziko grew Suspicious on Tintin. Ziko followed Tintin and Haddock while there figuring out what was the Wormhole doing at the Seashore and the sheep village but Tintin later finds out that the Wormhole is actually a portal to another Dimension that could send people to the Multiverse, Later Ziko finds out that they're "Problem Solvers" so he went back to the village. Gark who was turned into a Pig still never learned his lesson from the friendship of Sheep and Wolves, he has changed his self back into a Warthog with a stronger body for Revenge. Tintin later encounters Gark by asking Tintin's help to his Revenge plan but Tintin refused which angered Gark and he went back to the Forest which is his new home to get away from the village. Haddock went back to the village while drinking a bottle of Spirits Whiskey from under his pocket from his coat, Bianca later encounters him by saying "Do You Drink a lot with that?" Haddock putting his bottle away in his pocket and refusing that he drinks a lot, Bianca later talks with Haddock how did he and Tintin got here? Haddock was trying to tell her what happened but his words were studdering due to his drunkeness but Tintin came back and explains everything to Bianca that there was a Magical Gigantic Wormhole that took Tintin, Haddock and Snowy to another dimension after they're trying to find where Red Rackham's Treasure is, in Bianca's shock she decides to take Tintin, Haddock and Snowy to Gypsy Mami to find what was the Commotion about. They asked about the Wormhole but Mami doesn't really know anything about it, so Tintin, Haddock and Snowy teams up with Grey, Bianca and Mami to find the Unsolved Mystery. They all went to the Forest where the Wormhole was in the first place, Tintin later realizes the Wormhole could be an invention from someone who is living in the Forest, Then Gark was watching them hiding behind the bush making an Evil Chuckle which Snowy heard and Tintin as well so they looked at the bush Tintin asked "Who's There?" Gark shows himself to them in Everyone's shock, Gark reveals that he created the Wormhole to bring humans to destroy the village after not learning their lessons for not thinking their breaking the laws of nature. Grey was surprised but he got furious by saying "Sheep and Wolves deserve their friendship, unlike you! You created magic that could seperate us apart, but Friendship is real pure Magic that could keep us together!" But Gark refuses to believe that and accuses all of them for stealing his kind including Dee and Dum, an Angry Drunken Haddock tries to fight with him but he Teleports which ain't part of Magic but a Superpower. Tintin, Grey and the others went back to the village but discovers that everyone is out of their houses and shops which reveals that their Houses and the Trees on Fire which was caused by Gark's Superpowers, in Grey's Anger he knew that Gark wanted Revenge so he decided to face Gark alone. But the Wormhole came back again and sucked in Tintin, Haddock, Snowy, Grey, Bianca and Mami. They all go to Tintin's dimension back in 1949 in Belgian Snowy is back in his normal self with no talking but barking, Grey and Bianca are in a normal Wolf form but they can still talk and Mami in her normal Rabbit form They eventually bump into Two Police Officers Thompson and Thomson, Tintin asks for their help but Grey introduces himself to Thompson and Thomson but they were in a Panic and freighten thinking he's a demon They got knocked out by each other. Tintin and the others go to his house and find out the clues from Gark but Mrs. Finch asks them "What's Going on?" Titan lets her know that its an important mission from help, Tintin and Haddock notice the Wormhole is sucking all the people especially (Thompson and Thomson) into the world of Sheep and Wolves they go in as well to stop Gark. While Grey and Bianca are back into their Humanoid Wolf forms along with Mami in her Humanoid Rabbit form Thompson and Thomson were in shock that they can't believe if there dreaming or not, The Two Police Officers soon join Tintin, Haddock and the rest to stop Gark, Tintin later discovered Gark didn't want Revenge on Sheep and Wolves, he only wanted Revenge on Grey because he lead all Sheep to like Wolves and his Dark Wolf Clan with Friendship and Kindness, Tintin and the others go to the village to face Gark with his new Superpowers but Gark had created his own army out of wood, dirt and metal, Tintin and Grey also found their own army of Sheep, Wolves and Humans with Calculus, Thompson and Thomson included. They start to fight the War with Grey having a battle with Gark they both fought but Gark start to use his powers on Grey, Grey knew he won't win the fight this time Instead Grey decides to drink one of Mami's Potions but Mami tried to stop him, Grey got magical Superpowers they fought with their own powers while Tintin is trying to look for clues why Gark is doing this, Tintin Discovers Gark had drank a different potion from Gypsy Mami to turn himself back into a Wolf but instead turns himself into a Strong Warthog to get Revenge and Superpowers. Grey and Gark started to use powers on themselves and made a force explosion, Gark has lost his powers ans his Warthog self into his own Pig self along with Grey losing his powers Gark tries to get away back to the Forest but Thompson and Thomson caught him Red Handed, Gark instead kicks their legs with Grey and Tintin chasing him but Gark has no place to go. Gark suddenly attacks Tintin, Grey tries to stop him Gark almost fell into a cliff, Gark holds Grey's rope but Gark let's go of the rope and falls to his death much to Grey and Tintin's Dismay everybody cheered, Bianca shared a kiss with Grey with Haddock hugging Tintin with joy and Thompson and Thomson were also hugging but they almost caught Gark, Haddock realized that they don't have the Wormhole due to Gark's death. Gypsy Mami decided to make her own Magical Gigantic Wormhole to get Tintin, Haddock, Snowy and the others back to their Human World, Before Tintin jumps in Grey, Bianca and their Friends share their final Goodbye with Haddock apologizes to Bucho for his Drunken attitude and their attempt Fight Bucho excepts his Apology, Bianca Congratulates Tintin, Haddock and Snowy and tells Tintin to take care of theirselves back home. They jumped back in Mami's Wormhole They are back to their country and year, Tintin, Haddock and Snowy continue their Journey to find Red Rackham's Treasure which they decide to take the Boat instead of the Plane and Tintin decides to dive in with his scubba mask and a rope to pull up the Treasure, Tintin finally found the Treasure Haddock holds the rope and pulls it up and opens up the Treasure with 400 Weight of Gold and Shiny Jewels with Tintin and Haddock excitement on their faces, Haddock learns the Haddock's Curse is Broken after the incident at Marlinspike Hall from the first film, During The Village Grey and his Friends are celebrating and having a party after defeating Gark (Literally), Tintin and Grey with their Friends finally lived a Happily Ever After

Easter Egg Cameo Appearances


  • While Professor Calculus is talking to Tintin and Haddock, behind Calculus you see Robyn and Mebh from (Wolfwalkers) getting dizzy after getting sucked out from the Wormhole that Gark created.

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

  • Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids also appear after getting sucked out while Fat Albert got up standing which made both Robyn and Mebh bump into him while Calculus is talking.

The Secret of Kells

  • Aisling from (The Secret of Kells) appears sitting on a tree while she's singing in Grey and Bianca's universe.

Bill & Ted

  • Skinny and Hobbler says to Tintin, Haddock, Snowy, Thompson and Thomson and Calculus before they go back: "Be Excellent to Each Other and Party On Dudes!" is a Famous Quote from "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure".