Tizzy the Bee was a co-host on The Animal Show, and was a fully computer generated character, following in the footsteps of Andy the Candy Pumpkin. Tizzy hosted a question and answer segment before and after commercials.

Tizzy played Rojo in Marcie The Explorer

She is a red firetruck

Voice Actresses

  • Karen Prell (Season 1)
  • Louise Gold (Season 2)


  • Hometown: Beehive
  • Age: 2 weeks old (bee age)
  • Personality: Cute, buzzy, trivial
  • Appearance: Black and yellow bee with green eyes, black antennae, and black legs
  • Occupation: Trivia-question asker, Radio scramble-girl
  • Goal: Giving questions to Stinky and Jake
  • Gender: Female
  • Alignment: Good
  • Family: Winnie the Wasp (Irish cousin)
  • Friends: Stinky the Skunk, Jake the Polar Bear, Armstrong the Chicken Hawk, Bunnie Bear
  • Likes: Buzzing around
  • Dislikes: Believing that if she doesn't exist or if she does
  • Powers and Abilities:


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