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The Toad Brigade is a congregation of five Toads whose main purpose is to aid Mario during the events of Super Mario Galaxy

Galaxy, and Galaxy 2.

  • Captain Toad (named as the 

    The Toad Brigade captain collecting a Star.

    Toad Brigade Captain
    ) is the self-proclaimed leader of the Toad Brigade. He often wears a flashbulb helmet and a large backpack. While he makes every effort to construe himself as brave, he's always running away at the first sight of trouble, making preposterous excuses whilst he is at it to the point of which one of the missions involves rescuing him.
  • The Mailtoad, who forks over letters from Princess Peach and Luigi. When he is not delivering anything, he is snorkeling.
  • The Hint Toad wears glasses, and gives advice to Mario in levels when it is desired.
  • The green Toad carries a pickaxe, which he uses to dig, and while he's busy digging he may also singing to himself. In Super Mario Galaxy 2 he is the Banktoad that allows the player to give Star Bits to other players with save files, or just hold them for safekeeping.
  • The yellow Toad often spins around in circles or sleeps. He also sleeps in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

The Toad Brigade wanted to help Mario on his adventures, so (in Super Mario Galaxy) some Lumas built Starshrooms for them. The starshrooms appear in red, green, turquoise, purple, dark blue, cyan, and yellow. The starshrooms are in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.


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