Tom is Star's ex-boyfriend and a villain. He wants to win Star's heart. He defeated Wander and stole his hat.

Tom played Maleficent in Sleeping Wander

Tom played Jafar in Red Kirbyladdin, Red Kirbyladdin: The Return of Tom

Tom played Dennis in The RedBob KirbyPants Movie, The WanderBob AlienPants Movie

Tom played Denahi in Brother Dog (Dragon Rockz Style)


Wander - Defeated him and stole his hat, but he is defeated back by him

Dipper Pines - Defeated him

Soos - Defeated him

Grunkle Stan - Defeated him

Mabel Pines - Defeated by her

Candy Chiu - Defeated by her

Star Butterfly - Her ex-girlfriend

Beeza - Captured her

Pacifica Northwest - Defeated by her

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