Tony is a major character in Alpha & Omega. He is the husband of Niara, the father of Garth, the maternal grandfather-in-law of Stinky, Claudette & Runt and the father-in-law of Kate & Lilly.


As Monsieur D'Arque in Beauty and the Smilodon

He is an old man

As Miller in The Naked Cage (PrinceBalto Animal Style)

as Flotsam in The Little Mer-Wolf

He is an electric eel

As Victor "Vector" Perkins in Despicable Wolf

He is the supervillain

As Commander Vachir in Kung Fu Wolf

He is a rhinoceros

As Shere Khan In The Forest Book (TheFoxPrince11)

he is a tiger



  • Alpha & Omega (PrinceBalto Style)- Tony played by Vitaly
  • Alpha & Omega Series (Vinnytovar Style) - Tony played by Khampa


  • Wife-Niara
  • Daughters in Law - Kate and Lilly
  • Son in Law - Humphrey
  • Sons - Garth and Nars
  • Grandsons - Fleet
  • Granddaughter - Magril
  • Granddaughters in Law - Claudette, Star and Dori
  • Grandson in Law - Stinky, Runt and Jared
  • Brother in Law - Winston
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