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Toots is a little red tender engine, who hauls boxcars in the 1937 cartoon, Porky's Railroad.



Toots has problems on huffing and puffing to pull his load, but stops at the top of the hill, and speeds all the way up to the top, thanks to his engineer, Porky, who puts pepper on the candle light in the cab. Toots speeds down the hill, and nearly collides with Alfred, hauling a passenger car, and meets up with a cow. When Porky manages to get the cow of the line, he shovels a lump coal into Toots' furnace, and tries to chase away a bull, who scares him away, causing him to hop back into the cab of Toots, who flees in fright. As Toots comes to a station, Silver Fish arrives to replace Toots, who hears the engineer call him a slow engine on roller skates and falls down. When Silver Fish and Toots race, Toots manages to win the race and get replaced with Silver Fish dragging him. Toots is now fixed and one of the characters in Casey Jr. & Friends.


  • Train Bult: Steam Engine
  • Appearance: Porky's Railroad (1937)
  • Gender: Male
  • Agliment: Good
  • Allies: Casey Jr (best friend), Tillie (sister), Tootle, Montana, Emma (girlfriend), Pufle, Ivor, Jebediah, Georgia, Pete, Farnsworth, Alfred, Melissa, Tom Jerry, Blue, Greendale Rocket, Johnny (cousin), Doc, Huey, Rasmus, Jason, Sir Reginald, Katy Caboose, Alan, Piper, Tracy, Rusty (father), Humphrey, Rodrick, Minerva, Shelbert, Mary, Streamer, Calley, Bonnie, Sasha, Wartime, Sir Norramby
  • Enemies: Cerberus