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The tortoise is a tortoise who appeared in Cocomelon's adaptation of The Tortoise and the Hare in a video with the same name. Not much is known about him yet.


The tortoise was annoyed by a speeding hare and so was everyone else. One day he asked the hare for a race which the hare laughed at. Much to the hare's surprise the tortoise ended up winning.

We then see the tortoise in The Doctor Checkup song. He doesn't do much except take notes and hand out lollipops at the end.

Physical Appearance

The tortoise has a light green like skin. He has three nails on each foot and hands which appear to be somewhat detailed. He has a Pac-Man like mouth and holes on the side of his head which represent ears. He also has cheeks which are pink and brown colored eyes. The two parts of his shell are separated by a green-ish part that has indents. The back part of his shell is dark tan and brown and the front part is light tan. His plastron is composed of ten pieces.


  • Unlike most tortoises his shell is very flexible, most likely to make animating him easier.