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Here is My Spoof Cast of the Toy Story Movies

Mario as Woody

Luigi as Buzz lightyear

Peach as Bo Peep

Daisy as Jessie

Yoshi as Rex

Koopa troopa, Dudley Puppy, Kitty katswell and Diddy kong as Slinky dog

Wario as Mr Potato head

Waluigi,and Donkey kong as Hamm

Moana (Warioware) as Mrs Potato head

Toad as Aliens

Toadette as Bullseye

Lincoln loud as Andy Davis

Lily Loud as Molly Davis (Baby)

Rita Loud as Mrs Davis

Danny Phantom as Andy Davis (Teenager)

Lola Loud as Molly Davis (Young)

Mabel pines as Bonnie

Bowser jr as Sid philips

Maggie Pesky as Hannha Philips

Roy Koopa as ScudScud

Characters from Star butterfly, Powerpuff girls and Spongebob as Sid's toys

Bowser as Stinky pete (The prospector)

King boo as Emperor zurg

Sandy as Barbie

SpongeBob as Ken

Wendy (Gravity Falls) as Dolly

Leni Loud as Trixie

Patrick star as Mr Pricklepants

Rigby as Buttercup

Pinke Pie, Rainbow Dash and Rarity as Pea in a pod

Toffee as Lotso

Bubbles as Big Baby

Bill Cipher and Him as Twitch

Ice king as Chunk

Man ray as Sparks

Zim as Stretch

Dipper as Forky

Mr Turner as Duke kaboom

Buttercup as Giggle Mcdimples

Finn and Jake as Ducky and Bunny

Heinz Doofenshmirtz as Benson

Blossom as Gabby gabby