Tracey Sketchit

Tracey Sketchit (Japanese: ケンジ Kenji) is a Pokémon watcher and a former traveling companion of Ash from the Orange Islands saga of the anime.

Voice Actors:

  1. Ted Lewis (Episodes 83-407) - English
  2. Craig Blair (Episodes 466-present) - English
  3. Tomokazu Seki - Japanese
  4. Joel Legendre - French
  5. Patrizio Prata - Italian
  6. Jacek Kopczynski - Polish
  7. Dor Srugo - Hebrew

He Played Valhallen in The Justice Friends (DinosaurKingRockz Style)

He Played Monterey Jack in Ash n Brock Rescue Rangers

He Played Eustace Bagge in Courage The Cowardly Dog (1701Movies Style)

He Played Dr. Dawson in The Great Breeder Detective

He Played Fred Jones in Basil Doo, Where Are You!

He Played Shaggy Rogers in Surly Doo, Where Are You!

He Played Martin Kratt in Artemis (Zoboomafoo)

He Played Andrew in Sailor Serena (1701Movies Style)

He Played Theodore Seville in Darien and the Teenagers (1983)

He Played Rob in The Brave Little Cat (170Movies Style)

He Played Baloo In The Jungle Book (4000Movies Style)

He Played Taran In The Black Cauldron (4000Movies Style)

He Played In The New Dodger Doo Movies, and the Pussycats

He Played In Tracey 'n Jeffy for 1951Movies

He Played Scooby Dumb In The Scooby Doo Sow for chris2015

He Played Ferb Fletcher In Darien and Tracey

he is phineas step-brother and sidekick

He Played Blind Guy In Quest for Camelot (4000Movies Style)

He Played Adult Kovu in The Pokemon Trainer King 2: Ash's Pride (1983Movies Style)

He is ???'s LoveInstert.

He Played Vladimir In Minastasia

he is a Russian Businessman

He Played Dimitri In Amystasia

he is a Kichen Boy



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