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Here's JamesimusPrime2798's Movie Spoof Crossover Movie Parody on Trainsformers (Transformers) The Michael Bay-verse of Transformers (2007-2017), 5 movies in one decade.


Henry the Green Engine as Optimus Prime (both good leaders, worriors and wise and kind)

Thomas the Tank Engine as Bumblebee (both cheeky, small and good friends to Henry & Optimus Prime)

Edward the Blue Engine as Ratchet (both good friends to Henry and Optimus Prime)

Boco as Ironhide (both helpful and strong and I think Ironhide's voice is good for Boco)

Stepney as Jazz (both only have short appearances)

Diesel 10 as Megatron/Galvatron (both evil and rivals to Henry and Optimus Prime)

Splatter & Dodge as Starscream (both Diesel 10 and Megatorn's sidekicks)

Diesel as Barricade (both black and both rivals to Thomas and Bumblebee)

S.C Ruffey as Frenzey

Arry and Bert as Blackout/Grindor and Brawl

Norman as Bonecrusher

Hiro Hamada as Sam Witwicky (both heroes and hold the key to earth's survial)

Gogo Tobago as Mikeala Banes (both girlfriends to Hiro and Sam)

Peter Griffin as Ron Witwicky

Lois Griffin as Judy Witwicky

Pongo as Mojo (both dogs)

Tom Tucker as Agent Seymor Simmons

Tadashi as Miles (both bros and I know he and Hiro are brothers but this is a parody)

Mr. Incredible/Bob Parr as Major William Lennox (both save the world)

Elastigirl/Helen Parr as Herself as an extra (Major William Lennox)

Frozone/Lucis Best as Sergent Robert Epps (both partners of Mr. Incredible & Major Lennox)

Wendy Darling as Maggie Madsen (both british)

Token as Glen Whitemann

Nelson Muntz as Trent DeMarco (both bullies and rude)

Jon Arbuckle as John Keller

Joe Swanson as General Morshower

Fred as Leo (both good friends to Hiro & Sam)

Angelica Pickles as Alice (both bad and names start with A)

Random Troublesome Truck as Alice's Alien Robot Disguise

Mr. Waylon Smithers as Dr. Therodore Galloway

James the Red Engine as Sideswipe (both vain and fast)

Bill and Ben as Skids and Mudflap (both Bill and Ben are twins like Skids and Mudflap)

Oliver the Little western engine as Jolt (both good and smart)

Duke as Jetfire (both old and wise)

Vinnie as The Fallen (both very-very evil relatives/Rvials to Henry and Optimus Prime)

D261 as Soundwave (I think soundwave's voice is prefect for D261)

Bulgy as Devastator (both wreck things)

Horrid Lorries & George as the Constructicons (Longhaul, Rampage, Mixmaster, Scrapper, Scrapmetal, High-tower, Scavenger, Demolisher and Overload)

Emily the Emerald Engine as Elita 1 (both girlfriends to Henry and Optimus Prime)

Rosie the Pink Engine as Arcee (both girlfriends to Thomas and Bumblebee)

Mavis the Quarry Diesel Engine as Chorima (both girlfriends to Boco and Ironhide)

Sir Handel as Wheelie (both blue, small, funny and kind and also rude and vollga at times)

Peter Sam as Brains (both green, small and funny)

Honey Lemon as Carly Spencer (both have blonde hair and love interests to Hiro and Sam)

Robert Callaghan as Dlyan Gould (both evil, want things their way and attempt to kill)

Mrs. Krabbappel as Director Charlotte Mearing (both smart and strict at times)

Spencer the Sliver Engine as Sentinel Prime (both have neutral personalities and both rivals to Henry and Optimus Prime)

D199/Spamcan as Shockwave (I'll use images and I know he didn't appear on The Thomas TV Series)

Skarloey, Rheneas and Toby as the Wreckers (Roadbuster, Topspin and Leadfoot)

Rusty the Narrow Guage Shed and Sidings Inpection Diesel as Dino/Mirage

Rusty (The Little Engine That Could) as Que/Wheeljack

Dent and Dart as The Dreeds (Hatchet, Crankcase and Crowbar)

Homer Simpson as Cade Yeager (both Homer and Cade are good at inventing things and have short tempers sometimes)

Martha as Tessa Yeager (both young, beautiful and 17 years old almost 18) Bethany as Herself as an extra (Tessa Yeager)

Spencer as Shane Dyson (both start with S and boyfriends of Martha and Spencer) Fridge as Himself as an extra (Shane Dyson)

Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson as Themselves (Tessa's Younger Siblings)

Fix-it-Felix Jr as Lucas (both handy)

Stan Smith as Joshua Joyce (both work for the government)

Sideshow Bob as Harold Attinger (both bad, attempt to kill others and preformed by Kelsey Grammar)

Duck the Great Westren Engine as Crosshairs (both green and western)

Donald and Douglas as Drift (both black and red and have similar personalities)

Gordon the Big Engine as Hound (both big and strong and I think John Goodman would be a good voice for Gordon)

Murdoch the Orange Tender Engine as Grimlock

Big Locomotive as Scorn

Hiro as Slug

Freight Train as Strafe

The Nightmare Train as Lockdown (both evil and good at capturing)

Smudger as Stinger (both names start with S)

Mr. Burns as James Savoy (both villains as well and attempt to kill)

Stanley as Hot-Rod (both fast & both good friends to Thomas & Bumblebee)

Percy the Small Engine as Sqweeks (both small and best-friends to Thomas and Bumblebee)

Mabel Pines as Izabella (both tomboys)

Dipper Pine as Himself as an extra (Isabella) as Izabella’s brother

Marge Simpson as Viviane Wembly (both smart and both love Homer and Cade) (I know Cade and Viviane are boyfriend and girlfriend and Homer and Marge are husband and wife but this is a parody)

Wasabi as Jimmy (Both African-American)

Stanford Pines as Sir Edmund Burton (both old and intelligent)

Bertie the Bus as Cogman (both small and fast)

Derek as Nirto Zues (both weird)

Whiff as Canopy (both rusty and old)

Salty as Daytrader (both funny)

Toad the GWR Break-in as Bulldog (both have British accents)

The Freight Cars as the Guardian Knights

Daisy the Diesel Railcar as Quintessa (both main Female Villains as Daisy was in season 2 when she arrived on Sodor then later became nicer, but Quintessa is evil in the whole of The Last Knight)

Pixar Cars Cars as the Transformers' Vehicle Modes.