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The Transvaal lion (Panthera leo krugeri), also called the Kruger, South African, Kalahari, or Southeast African lion is a subspecies of the lion that reportedly lives in southern Africa, including Kruger National Park and Hlane Royal National Park. Lions of the Kalahari Region may be either Panthera leo krugeri or Panthera leo bleyenberghi. It is named after the Transvaal region in South Africa. The male usually has a well-developed mane. Most of them are black-maned as well. Males are around 2.6–3.2 m (8.5–10.5 ft) long including the tail. Females are 2.35–2.75 m (7.7–9.0 ft). Generally, the weight of males is 150–250 kg (330–550 lb), while the females are 110–182 kg (243–401 lb). They have a shoulder height of 0.92–1.23 m (3.0–4.0 ft). It is a very popular lion subspecies.



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