Trusty is a Elderly dog in lady and the tramp


Played as In Kodi Hood (Conner4680isin)

Played Frenchie in Max and Rex Rescue Rangers

He is the Leader of the Pound Underground

Played Spike Taylor in Dinosaur King (Paris2015 Style)

He is Max's dad

Played as King Richard in Dodger Hood

He is a Lion and king of england

Played as Cinderella's Father in Ritarella

He is a Father

Played as Chosen Squeeze Toy Alien in Cartoon Story (Austin A Style)

Played as The Old Man in The Tramp's New Groove

He is a Old Man

Played as Rover Joe in The Character Musicians of Bremen and The Character Show (The Muppet Show)

Played Pumbaa in The Spy King

Played Kekaru In Sailor Brisby S Movie

Played Sultan in Scoobyladdin


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