Karyll Aguilar's Movie Spoof of Chicken Little


  • Yusei Fudo as Chicken Little
  • Akiza Izinski as Abby Mallard
  • Yoshi as Runt of the Litter
  • Luckytama as Fish out of Water
  • Nagisa Misumi as Foxy Loxy
  • Honoka Yukishiro as Goosey Loosey
  • Silver The Hedgehog as Buck Cluck
  • Yusaku Fujiki as Turkey Lurkey
  • Jack Atlas as Mr. Woolensworth
  • Sonic The Hedgehog as Morkubine Porcupine
  • Tails The Fox as Kirby
  • Jaden Yuki as Melvin
  • Alexis Rhodes as Melvan
  • Mega Man as The Coach


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