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​Twister Pan

Twister Pan is a parody of the Walt Disney classic Peter Pan


Twister Rodriguez (Rocket Power) as Peter Pan

Buttercup (The Powerpuff Girls) as Tinker Bell

Reggie Rocket (Rocket Power) as Wendy Darling

Prince Tuesday (Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood) as John Darling

Prince Wednesday (Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood) as Michael Darling

Tony Toponi (An American Tail) as Slightly

Peanut Otter (PB&J Otter) as Cubby

Teddy and Leo Platypus (Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood) as The Twins
Timmy Brisby (The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue) as Nibs
Chip (Beauty and the Beast) (Beauty and the Beast) as Tootles

Stan Smith (American Dad!) as Captain Hook

Peter Griffin (Family Guy) as Mr. Smee

Family Guy Characters as Pirate Crew

Ray Rocket (Rocket Power) as Starkey

Stewie Griffin (Family Guy) as Singing Pirate with Accordian

Lars Rodriguez (Rocket Power) as Lookout Pirate

Homer Simpson (The Simpsons) as Pirate with Tea Kettle

Penny Proud (The Proud Family) as Tiger Lily

Tito Makani (Rocket Power) as Indian Chief

Mommi (Rocket Power) as Indian Squaw

Music Man Stan (Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood), Baker Aker (Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood), Conroy Blanc (Rocket Power), Johnny Appleseed (Melody Time), Bobby Proud and Dysfunktion Junction (The Proud Family) as The Indians

Trudy Proud and Oscar Proud (The Proud Family) as Squaw and Brave

Suga Mama (The Proud Family) as Brave's Mother-In-Law

Kim Possible (Kim Possible), Debbie Thornberry (The Wild Thornberrys), Hayley Smith (American Dad!), Ginger Foutley (As Told by Ginger), Sabrina Spellman (Sabrina the Teenage Witch in Friends Forever), LaCienega Boulevardez (The Proud Family) as The Mermaids

King Friday (Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood) as George Darling

Queen Sara Saturday (Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood) as Mary Darling

Genevieve (Madeline) as Nana

Crocodile as Himself

Seagull as Herself

Neverland Animals as Themselves


Twister Pan Part 1: Main Title ("Second Star to the Right")

Twister Pan Part 2: Meet the Royal Family/Bedtime/The Shadow

Twister Pan Part 3: Twister Chases His Shadow/Reggie and Twister Meet

Twister Pan Part 4: Prince Tuesday and Prince Wednesday Meet Twister/Twister Teaches the Children to Fly

Twister Pan Part 5: "You Can Fly!"

Twister Pan Part 6: Meet Captain Stan Smith and the Family Guy/American Dad!/The Simpsons Cast/Peter Griffin vs. The Crocodile

Twister Pan Part 7: A Close Shave/Captain Stan Smith Attacks Twister and the Royal Children

Twister Pan Part 8: Meet the Lost Boys/Buttercup Tries to Kill Reggie

Twister Pan Part 9: "Following the Leader"/Captured by Indians 

Twister Pan Part 10: Twister and Reggie Meet the Mermaids/Captain Stan Smith Captures Penny Proud 

Twister Pan Part 11: Twister Tricks Captain Stan Smith/Saving Penny Proud 

Twister Pan Part 12: Captain Stan Smith's Next Plan 

Twister Pan Part 13: "What Made the Red Man Red" 

Twister Pan Part 14: Buttercup Helps Captain Stan Smith 

Twister Pan Part 15: Big Chief Twister/"I Had A Mother Once" 

Twister Pan Part 16: "Your Mother and Mine"/Kidnapped by Captain Stan Smith  

Twister Pan Part 17: "The Elegant Captain Stan Smith"/Twister's Present 

Twister Pan Part 18: The Explosion/Twister Saves Buttercup

Twister Pan Part 19: Reggie Walks the Plank/'No Splash'/The Battle 

Twister Pan Part 20: Twister vs. Stan Smith/'Stan Smith is a Codfish' 

Twister Pan Part 21: Back Home/"You Can Fly!" (reprise)/THE END 


Peter Pan  


Rocket Power 

Rocket Power: Race Across New Zealand 

Rocket Power: Island of the Menehune 

Rocket Power: The Big Day 

The Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls Movie

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood 

An American Tail

An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island 

PB&J Otter

The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World

American Dad! 

Family Guy 

The Simpsons 

Melody Time ("Legend of Johnny Appleseed" segment) 

Kim Possible 

Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time 

Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama 

The Wild Thornberrys 

The Proud Family

The Proud Family Movie

As Told by Ginger 

Sabrina the Animated Series 

Sabrina the Teenage Witch in Friends Forever 


My Fair Madeline  


Bobby Driscoll 

Kathryn Beaumont 

Paul Collins 

Tommy Luske 

Jeffrey Silver 

Johnny McGovern 

Robert Ellis 

Stuffy Singer 

Tony Butala 

Hans Conried 

Bill Thompson 

Corinne Orr 

Candy Candido 

June Foray 

The Mellomen 

Margaret Kerry 

Connie Hilton 

Heather Angel 

Ulysses Cuadra 

Gilbert Leal 

Elizabeth Daily

Shayna Fox 

Tommy Lioutas 

Nicholas Kagei 

Jaxon Mercey 

Pat Musick

Adam Rose

Bryn McAuley

Milo Torriel-Gibbon

Andrew Ducote

Alex Strange

Ralph Macchio

Bradley Pierce 

Haley Joel Osment 

Gregory Grundt 

Seth MacFarlane 

Patrick Warburton 

Mike Henry 

Seth Green 

Alex Borstein 

Mila Kunis 

Kevin Michael Richardson 

Adam West 

Carrie Fisher 

Drew Barrymore 

John Kassir 

Dan Castellaneta 

Kyla Pratt 

Ray Bumatai 

Brooks Almy 

Jeremiah Sparks 

John Filici 

Obba Babatunde 

Dennis Day 

Cedric the Entertainer 

Tommy Davidson 

Paula Jai Parker 

Jo Marie Payton 

Christy Carlson Romano 

Danielle Harris 

Rachel MacFarlane 

Melissa Disney 

Emily Hart 

Brit McKilip  

Alisa Reyes 

Jamie Watson 

Catherine Disher 

Louise Vallance  


Walt Disney 

Stephen Druschke (inspiration)