Fantasia Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex/Allosaurus

Tyrannosaurus Rex also known as an Allosaurus is a Villian in Fantasia (The Rite of Spring).

Tyranousarus Rex Plays The Great Animal In The Dragon Princess

He is rothbart's Transformation

Tyrannosarus Rex  plays Snake Jafar in Poohladdin and Anakinladdin

He is a Snake

Tyrannosurus Rex Played one of the Alligators in Moat

He is an Alligator

Tyrannosurus Rex Plays Scar in The Predator King

He is a Evil Lion

Tyrannosaurus Rex Plays Jafar in Barneyladdin

Tyrannosaurus Rex Plays The Red Death in How To Train Your Wolf

Tyrannosaurus Rex Plays Rex in We're Back! An Dinosaur's Story (Disneysaurus Style)

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