Undyne is a fish-like monster that leads the Royal Guard in the 2015 indie-game Undertale.


Undyne, now living on the surface world, always wears her tank top, eye patch, blue jeans and boots.

Undyne is a tall fish lady with red hair, one yellow eye, a yellow eye and large ears. She stands at 6'4".


Undyne is a no-nonsense person. As she said one time, "I doesn't take any crap from anybody here!". This was shown when she and Papyrus were at Costco and she snapped Papyrus' 2DS in half when he wouldn't obey her.

She also loves to watch videos of ASMR, the very weird ones to be specific. She watches ones wear people eat wieners and bananas and it is all wet and gross, but she listens to this kind of noise because it reminded her about the noise her father would make, doing something fish do when not in the water. Undyne's father was born with no gills so he couldn't breath air.

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