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Between Season1\Season2 this character's name was swapped with Magonlia\Ursula

To see the Season 1 Magnolia (Ursula); here it is Ursula Scoot

Ursula Scott is one of the major characters of Season 2's George of the Jungle revival series. She is name changed to Magnolia from Ursula for unknown reasons. In Season 2, Magnolia shows she is a jungle scientist, going to the jungle to find something interesting to win a noble prize.

Season Two

Magnolia is a jungle scientist who is on a research trip to discover the rarest of animals to win a Nobel Prize, but her obliviousness to bad ideas often lands her in trouble.


Like season 1, Magnolia has brown hair and light brown skin. She has green eyes and red lipstick. She also wears a blue t-shirt, tan shorts, and white and red sneakers.

Episode Appearances

Season 2 (Magnolia)

  • Bringing Silverback
  • Of Botflies And Men
  • The Insider
  • Clockwork George
  • True Bromance
  • George X4 (Cameo)
  • Strong as He Can Tree
  • Kings and Little Ones
  • My Georging Jacket
  • Bananium Deficiency
  • I Gotta Beave Me
  • Much Ado Stuffing
  • Steve of the Jungle
  • Guess What's Coming to Dinner
  • Body Politics
  • Valley of the Magnolias
  • For Science
  • Cute is as Cute Does
  • Shadow of a dolt
  • Strange Daze
  • Lying Cloth
  • Rip Van George
  • Reversum Day
  • Swirl
  • Junior Jungle Achievers
  • Georgus Ex Machina
  • Breaking Ape
  • Sidekick Chicago
  • The Ursula Solution
  • George Lays an Egg
  • Excalibanana
  • The Flavor of Science
  • The George who Would be King
  • Were-George
  • Trial by Jungle
  • Slothpocalypto
  • Original Jungle Kings (cameo)
  • Heart of Gold


She played Sadness in Cartoonside Out (Cartoon Network Style)

  • She is a sad blue emotion.


  • She's voiced by Linda Ballantyne, who's best known for the title Character Sailor Moon, and Wasp from 1999 Cartoon, Avengers: United They Stand.
  • In Valley of the Magnolias, it has been revealed that she's in her 20s. That means George and Ursula are also in their 20s, since it's been 7 years.
  • Her skin lightens up to look tan.
  • Magnolia is the main character on Learn Yourself Smart Food Chain Gravity Science and Water