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Hey howdy hey! My name is Anthony (Red278), and I love anything by Disney, especially Disney Magic Kingdoms. Although I love the Toy Story franchise, I now love Disney characters as much as I did in Toy Story

Character Rating

Good-faith characters and heroes will have a default rating of 75/100, or 80/100 depending on notability. Very minor characters without any significance will either have a rating of 50/100, or will not be included on the list. Villains will usually have a rating of 25/100 or 20/100 unless villains perform significant villainous acts.

There are special characters that can get over a 90 out of 100, or under a 10 out of 100 in the rating scale.

Character Series Pts. Explanation
Fa Mulan Mulan (1998) 100+ / 100 Words cannot describe how much I love Mulan so much. I mean, she had to endure everything such as discrimination and gender roles... and the conclusion? She saved China for once, and she definitely deserved to be a Disney heroine (sorry, not a princess though). This is why Mulan will always be my favorite character of all of Disney.
Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse (1928) 98 / 100 Mickey Mouse entertained children for over 90 years. He made Disney possible. There will be no Disney without Mickey Mouse. In the series, he is a excellent characters, and in children's shows, he is an excellent role model to kids as he teaches them fundamental skills for learning.
Minnie Mouse Mickey Mouse (1928) 95 / 100 Minnie Mouse is a love interest of Mickey Mouse. In addition, she is a very good "Happy Helper" in Hot Dog Hills.
Goofy Mickey and Friends 94 / 100 Goofy is well.. Goofy! He is a source of jokes and comedy.
Donald Duck Mickey and Friends 85 / 100 Donald gets annoying by lots of things, but he just keeps me entertained. I wonder why many people choose Mickey over Donald...
Daisy Duck Mickey and Friends 88 / 100 Daisy Duck is a best friend of Minnie Mouse, and a love interest of Donald Duck. In addition, she is a very good "Happy Helper" in Hot Dog Hills.
Huey, Dewey, and Louie Mickey and Friends / DuckTales 92 / 100 I really consider them as the very funny trio. I know that they like to cause trouble and do pranks just to irritate Donald. What clever clowns they are...
Pluto Mickey and Friends 92 / 100 Pluto is Mickey's dog, and forms a close relationship with Mickey (and Minnie).
Pete Mickey and Friends

25 / 100

65 / 100

In the Mickey franchise, he is portrayed as a villain, and does typically villainous acts, notably in the main series and House of Mouse.

However, in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Mickey's Mixed-Up Adventures, Pete has given up most of his villainous traits and personalities, and tries to associate Mickey and the gang with good intentions, although his actions don't merit enough a default rating of 75/100.

Mortimer Mouse Mickey and Friends 30 / 100 In the Mickey franchise, he is a enemy of Mickey Mouse, regardless whether in a mainstream franchise or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Also, he tries to get Minnie Mouse to love him, considering her as a prize to be won as a love interest. (I even saw Mortimer Mouse shrunk Pete in one episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). But considering he is a minor antagonist, the rating has been adjusted.
Clarabelle Cow Mickey and Friends 93 / 100 A love interest of Goofy and Horace.
Ludwig Von Drake Mickey and Friends 94 / 100 The beauty of Professor Von Drake is he invents new technology, because he loves technology. The reason I personally adjusted the rating is because I like characters that have positive contributions to technology. Maybe he can work for Google or Microsoft.
Toodles Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 90 / 100 Very helpful friend to Mickey Mouse in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series. (By the way, I miss him so much)
Snow White Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 85 / 100 Snow White is a great princess. Her weakness is she trusts things from unknown sources, such as apples from an old lady, disguised as the Evil Queen. Still, she found true love named Prince Florian, and I'm happy.
Happy Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 94 / 100 I like to have company with happy people, in this case, a happy dwarf.
Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Sneezy, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 80 / 100 There are considered the "other" dwarfs, and they just like to help out.
Sleepy Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 70 / 100 Although he tries to work, he is really sleepy that his work is impaired. I can relate to sleppy, as I sleep for 2-3 hours during the daytime, and not get enough sleep at night.
Grumpy Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 55 / 100 I will not want to associate people having negative attitude, such as Grumpy. However, he is not a villain and he's just trying to help.
Magic Mirror Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 45 / 100 Neutral. He is one of The Queen's henchwomen.
The Queen Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 20 / 100 She is very jealous of Snow's beauty, so she poisoned Snow by disguising herself into an old woman and get her to eat a poisoned apple.
Prince Florian Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 82 / 100 A true love to Snow White.
Pinocchio Pinocchio 75 / 100 Pinocchio is a good character, even though he is known for his occasional lying. (Pinocchio has his nose extended each time he lies)
Dumbo Dumbo 85 / 100 Dumbo is a flying elephant, in which I consider him special! He is another iconic Disney character. I have never seen elephants fly in real life.
Cinderella Cinderella 95 / 100 Cinderella is one of the most iconic Disney Princesses. She is known as wearing a glass slipper. In addition, she endured all the abuse from Lady Tremaine, Drizella, and even Anastasia early on the series. She is perfect for Prince Charming!
Prince Charming Cinderella 93 / 100 A true love to Cinderella.
Fairy Godmother Cinderella 92 / 100 Fairy Godmother is very supportive of Cinderella, and she guides Cinderella into the right direction.
Jaq and Gus Cinderella 90 / 100 Jaq and Gus are really good friends to Cinderella, and they look up to her.
Lady Tremaine Cinderella 15 / 100 Lady Tremaine is really abusive towards Cinderella, so I consider her evil in this case.
Drizella Tremaine Cinderella 20 / 100 Drizella is also a no-good person. She also joins Lady Tremaine to abuse Cinderella.
Anastasia Tremaine Cinderella

20 / 100

70 / 100

Anastasia has also abused Cinderella, however that was early in the series. In the sequels however, she decided the reform, and make amends to Cinderella to join the "good side". She also defied Lady Tremaine from her bad deeds. Although Anastasia is now a good person, it doesn't merit enough a rating of 75/100 due to her past actions.
Aurora Sleeping Beauty 75 / 100 Oh Aurora... yawn... Aurora is an Disney Princess... and a damsel in distress. She should have done a lot more.
Flora, Fauna and Merryweather Sleeping Beauty 75 / 100 They are the fairies who help Aurora along the way.
Prince Phillip Sleeping Beauty 82 / 100 A true love to Aurora (is he being a knight?)
Maleficent Sleeping Beauty 5 / 100 She is predominant in being evil not on Sleeping Beauty, but also on the entire Disney Villains franchise. She is among one of the very iconic Disney villains of all time. She has caused Aurora, and then through time, she progressively cursed everything! She is responsible for all evil! This is why I gave her a such low rating.
Ariel The Little Mermaid (1989) 70 / 100 Although Ariel became more adventurous and independent, she engaged to risky situations (signing Ursula's contract) during the movie.
Belle Beauty and the Beast (1991) 96 / 100 Belle obtained lots of knowledge, because she loves to read. I wish more people became like her. Keep on reading!
Jasmine Aladdin (1992) 90 / 100 I don't know much about Jasmine except that she loves Aladdin. (She is one independent woman!)
Pocahontas Pocahontas (1995) 91 / 100 Pocahontas cares about the world and the people around her. Just saying.
Sheriff Woody Toy Story (1995)

80 / 100

97 / 100

He is the main star of the Toy Story series. He is the most developed and dynamic character as he displayed different traits throughout the series. Although he is an protagonist with very good intentions, he displayed selfish acts early in Toy Story (1995) with Buzz Lightyear becomes Andy's new favorite toy. In Toy Story 4, he has become selfless and gives up his leadership to Jessie by giving her the sheriff badge.
Buzz Lightyear Toy Story (1995) 96 / 100 He made himself a significant character in the Toy Story series. Not only because he has cool features as a toy, but he even went far as being a real space ranger in the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command series (2001), and really went on a trip to outer space with the NASA crew. He is one of the space action figure that serves a good role model to kids to explore the possiblities.
Rex Toy Story (1995) 90 / 100 ROOOAAARRRR!! While Rex is meant to be a fearsome dinosaur, he is actually friendly. In addition, while Rex wants to explore and learn, he sometimes don't pay attention to details and is sometimes clumsy.
Hamm Toy Story (1995)

35 / 100

80 / 100

His portrayal as Dr. Evil Porkchop has plans to destroy Woody and the gang, and is considered as a mastermind, but his actions don't demerit enough a rating of 25 / 100.

As Hamm himself, he is a master of economics, and a realist. He is a piggy bank that picks up coins along the way. He is also one of the more intelligent toys in Andy's room.

Slinky Toy Story (1995) 95 / 100 He is one of the most loyal dogs of Woody. In addition, he has been very supportive of Woody regardless what happens to him.
Mr. Potato Head Toy Story (1995)

45 / 100

80 / 100

In the first film, Mr. Potato Head does more harm than good with Woody gets jealous of Buzz Lightyear. He accuses Woody of murdering Buzz Lightyear when Woody actually just wants to put Buzz Lightyear out of Andy's sight by putting him under Andy's desk.

In the sequels, Mr. Potato Head's behavior improved, and is willing to take risks to save his friends, especially Woody.

Bo Peep Toy Story (1995) 93 / 100 I haven't considered Bo Peep as an important character until I saw a Toy Story 4 official trailer. She become a strong, independent woman after Bo Peep left Andy's room. Her appearance and personally could be different, but I'm glad Woody ended up with Bo Peep after all.
Andy Davis Toy Story (1995) 96 / 100 He was the owner of various toys, including Woody and Buzz Lightyear up until the end of Toy Story 3. He always takes care of his toys, and even though he has outgrown these, he still remembers his toys, especially Woody. Due to change, however, Andy decides to give up his toys to Bonnie, even Woody. That's very generous of him.
Sid Phillips Toy Story (1995)

25 / 100

50 / 100

In the film, he likes to torture toys just for fun. In the toys' point of view, they hate him, even his own mutant toys. In Toy Story 3, he redeems himself as a garbageman.
Tiana The Princess and the Frog (2009) 95 / 100 Tiana always works hard. Imagine if others are hardly working, she will always work hard, no matter what.
Rapunzel Tangled (2010) 97 / 100 She is the most talented Disney Princess ever! She mastered 17 skills (climbing, painting, singing, dancing, cooking, guitar, astronomy, geometry, candle-making, sewing, housework, ventiloquism, knitting, darts, pottery, chess, papier maché) while staying home in a tower for 18 years!

Character rating archive

This will be kept until the new character page is complete.


  • Sheriff Woody - really love his character, perfect all-round (100 / 100)
  • Buzz Lightyear - goes infinity and beyond (∞ / 100)
  • Jessie - my hidden crush, I secretly put her on top (♥ / 100)
  • Bo Peep - I didn't know that she's that important. Will give her credit! (96 / 100)
  • Forky - Absolutely adorable (99+ / 100)


  • Andy - our treasured toy owner (98 / 100)
  • Bonnie - the girl with a wild imagination (96 / 100)
  • Sid - the garbageman, a former toy torturer (67 / 100)


  • Rex - an avid video-game player and friendly (95 / 100)
  • Hamm - very good financially, avoids debts (93 / 100)
  • Slinky - his loyalty somewhat matches my personality (96 / 100)
  • The Potato Heads - cute together, lovely (90 / 100)
  • Aliens - the claaaaaaw! very adorable (92 / 100)
  • Bullseye - let's saddle up anytime, very kind horse (97 / 100)
  • Stinky Pete - what a traitor, but redeemed himself (54 / 100)
  • Utility Belt Buzz - deluded... but what he sees Zurg, he know what he's doing (75 / 100)
  • Barbies - they are actually fun and colorful (80 / 100)
  • Lotso - a big traitor and manipulator that never redeemed himself, a perfect villain (100 / -100)
  • Ken - not into fashionistas - (neutral / 100)
  • Lotso's gang - reformed for good (70 / 100)
  • Ducky and Bunny - loved them (93 / 100)
  • Giggle McDimples - this toy patrol midget makes me giggle (91 / 100)
  • Duke Caboom - He really CAN-ada perform many stunts! Forget the commercial... (94 / 100)
  • Gabby Gabby - She wasn't a true villain... felt sympathy for her... (65 / 100)
  • Benson - still acting mischievous (38 / 100)
  • Zurg - Destroy BUZZ LIGHTYEAR! Destroy BUZZ LIGHTYEAR! (75 / 100)

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