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Hello i'm Luigifan29 or Luigi for short and I love animals.

Like:Animals, Editing, Video Games, and Keeping pages clean. Dislike:Animal Haters, Sockpuppets, False Info

Dislike:Animal Haters, Sockpuppets, and false info


Netural Users

  • Christopher lubrano (The plus side that he keeps Penny Peterson clean but the main thing that he used dora as a Dimwit, Annoying, etc.)


  • Rodri800 and his sockpuppet accounts (Keeps adding Shrek Animals)
  • KyloRen009 (Keeps changing Penny Peterson from good guy to bad guy)
  • Serdilo (Keeps adding Horton Hears a Who? and Shrek animals when their not)
  • I87i76bk7 and her sockpuppet accounts (Bullying friends)
  • Mr.krabs0 (Changing casts on other peoples spoofs)

Favorite Mammals

Favorite Birds

Favorite Reptiles

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