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  • Name: Flora Conte (my dogsona is named Meggie)
  • Sex: Cisgender bisexual female 
  • Birth: February 12, 2000 (age 19) 
  • Residence: São Paulo, Brazil (childhood), Boston, MA (college)
  • Nationality: Brazilian (Italian and Lebanese descent) 
  • About me: I have two sisters, Diana (age 21) and Ashley (age 17). My sisters and cousins have loads of friends to share interests to, but they want to keep it secret to the rest of the world. However I wanted to become friends with the world. Besides, they're too busy to have an Internet life. I also have a YouTube (DJ Mutt) and DeviantArt (DJMutt) account. My sister Diana has a Wattpad account although it's pretty dormant (and in Portuguese). I share this account with my boyfriend Roland and roommates Sandra and Sylvia.

Things I love

  • Dogs
  • Dog-related stuff
  • DC Comics
  • Harry Potter
  • Nintendo 
  • animated movies 
  • South Park