Dora The Kid is a yellow cat-like robot created by the matsushiba robot company,and he was work as a deputy in the American frontier along with his colleague old sheriff and his grandaughter, Annie. At some point, he joins the Time Patrol as a special agent.A cowboy whose aspiration to become the best marksmen in the universe, and to take a flight and explore the stars; despite his fear of heights. Though he always said that girls are troublesome; he is actually sweet and romantic when it comes to dealing with girls.Kid's variant of Doraemon's fourth-dimensional Pocket is the four-dimensional hat. 

His Appearance. He had an black boot, blue pants, black collar with a star on it, he had a black cowboy hat with blue striped band,  he had a Western USA Flag Vest, and he had a Silver Air Cannon on his Left round hand. 

His Personalities. He is a hot-headed and stubborn individual, who rarely asks for others assistance. In the first meeting with Doraemon; he declined his offer to befriend him, believing that a lone wolf is best on his own. And He's also extremely loyal and doesn't hesitate to sacrifice himself to help his friends and those who in need. Kid also has a tendency to claiming "so hungry, can't move..." whenever his stomach is empty. He prefers his dorayaki with mustard and ketchup.

His Skill and Abilities. Dora the Kid is an esteemed sharpshooter whose skills was known far and wide. His weapons of choice is the Air Cannon bestowed to him by Dorami. The only one who could rivaled his prowess is Noby and a handful of people in the world. In the Robot Audition; he was invited to join the Time Patrol department, because of his caliber.

Kid has been dubbed as the third smartest member of the Doraemons. It was numerously shown that Kid was intelligent and quick-witted, especially when dealing with unpredictable situations. His ability to uses his surrounding though his knowledge of biology, physics, chemistry has greatly supported him in dealing with things in an innovative way.

After joining the Time Patrol, it seems that Kid has gained knowledge in criminal law to a certain degree.

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