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Sorry guys, I'm leaving the Mermaid mode. Why?

  1. The users called my mermaids weird like Pinkie Pie.
  2. Some users get jealous like Nick Jonas or Luigi.
  3. Since @BunnyJD13 said WHAT?!? like Toodee.
  4. I love Mermen, but the Mermen of Eddsworld are swallowed by me & find my damn nightmares.
  5. Temperature of Just Dance 2021 caught the mermen/maids up & ran away so easily when caught up by on.
  6. The Mermen of Super Smash Bros. are in my head making me frozen like Elsa or Toodee.
  7. I was 50% scared of any Mermen.
  8. Some mermaids or mermen make me die.
  9. Some mermaids or mermen die in my nightmares/dreams.
  10. Celebrities as mermaids or mermen make me 50% scared & make themselves die also.
  11. The Mermaids/Mermen sang in my dreams & made me 50% scared. (AGAIN!)
  12. I'll stop making mermaid stuff even though I have 1 in my Deviants.

Sorry guys, I'm leaving the Mermaid mode is because I'm in the Werewolf mode now! & you may know that I'm a fan of Werewolves now! No need to be scared like Lori Loud of The Loud House or Evelynn of K/DA or League of Legends or any scared characters. I will be making Werewolf Transformations on my YouTube. Just leave it to me everybody!