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Vampirina got a new puppy named Wolfie and she and SpongeBob have to bring the gift to her house. But they have to get Wolfie's present home quickly because Gaston has some new swiping tricks up his sleeves.

Characters Presenting On Vampirina's Got A Puppy

  • Vampirina Hauntley
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Marlene
  • Timon
  • Gaston/Paul Bunyan
  • MC WiggleWomp McPufferson Squatchy Berger Bart Reynolds Plunky Robinson Weevil LaBeevil Tiny O'Flexem Oogles Fitzlemon Chris Shabob and Blob Ross
  • Oxana Hauntley
  • Boris Hauntley
  • Nanpire
  • Wolfie


Vampirina just got a new puppy named Wolfie. After Vampirina and SpongeBob picked up a present for Wolfie from Nanpire, they have been warned to watch out for Gaston. Vampirina and SpongeBob have to hurry home to take the present to Wolfie before Gaston swipes it. Vampirina and SpongeBob hurry home and avoids Gaston by going through the Butterfly Garden, through the ten dancing characters, and to Vampirina's house. The puppy comes up to Vampirina and SpongeBob and they show him the presents. When Vampirina opened the present, there was a dog bowl, a collar, a leash and a bone. Wolfie was happy with his presents and that's how Vampirina & SpongeBob gave Wolfie a present and where they also learned that Gaston likes puppies.

Places In Episode

  1. Butterfly Garden
  2. 10 Dancing Trees
  3. Vampirina's House