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Vanessa Bloome is a female character from Bee Movie.


Vanessa played Sadness in Inside Out (Jiminy Cricket Style)

She is a blue emotion.

Vanessa played Adult Kiara in The Cricket King 2: Jiminy Cricket's Pride

She is a lion.

Vanessa played Lady Kluck in Jiminy Hood

She is a chicken.

Vanessa played Princess Mindy in The JiminyBob CricketPants Movie

She is a mermaid.

Vanessa played Snow White in Vanessa White and the Seven Reptiles

She is a princess.

Vanessa played Princess Clio in Alice the First

Vanessa played Alice in Vanessa in Wonderland

She is a girl.

Vanessa played Ariel in The Little Florist

She is a mermaid.

Vanessa played Iridessa in Rapunzel Bell, Rapunzel Bell and the Lost Treasure, Rapunzel Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, Secret of the Wings (Jiminy Cricket Style), The Pirate Fairy (Jiminy Cricket Style) and Rapunzel Bell and the Legend of the Duck

She is a light fairy.

Vanessa played Cinderella in Vanessarella

She is a princess.

Vanessa played Mulan in Vanessalan

She is a Chinese princess.

Vanessa played Woman with Pinata in The Robot Boy's New Groove

Vanessa played Tanta Kringle in Jeremy Claus is Coming to Town

She is a wise queen.

Vanessa played Princess Jasmine in Barryladdin

She is an Arabian princess.

Vanessa played Princess Aurora in Sleeping Florist

She is a princess.

Vanessa played Little Old Women in Alice and Pinocchio

She is an old women who lived in a shoe.

Vanessa played Tinker Bell in Roger Pan

She is a fairy

Vanessa played Mrs. Jumbo in Lucifer (Dumbo)

She is an elephant

Vanessa played Lady Amalthea in The Last Dinosaur

Vanessa played Thumbelina in Vanessalina

She is a fairy

Vanessa played Flora in Sleeping Fairy

She is a red fairy

Vanessa played Anastasia in Vanessastasia

She is a Russian princess

Vanessa played Fauna in Sleeping Red

She is a green fairy

Vanessa played Edna Peepleson in Little Red Riding Hood (Vampirina)


In Cricket Movie played by Honey Lemon.

In Alligator Movie played by Isabella Garcia-Shapiro.

In Fox Movie played by Bridgette.

In Ant Movie played by Little Red Riding Hood.

In Frog Movie played by Goldie Locks.

In Human Movie played by Sawyer.

In Bear Movie played by Alice.