Victoria (Thomas and Friends)

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Victoria is a vintage four-wheeled coach originating from the Furness Railway. She was later restored to work on Thomas' Branch Line.


Victoria was built in 1882 and worked on the Lakeside branch of the Furness Railway with an engine, Albert, and another coach, Helena. After she became obsolete she was moved to Sodor and became a summerhouse in a garden near Elsbridge. After being discovered by Thomas' driver, it was decided that she could be restored and used on the tramway from Ffarquhar to the quarry to help Toby, Henrietta and Elsie. She also helps Thomas and Annie and Clarabel on busy days.


Victoria is easy-going, friendly, and somewhat sentimental. She enjoys reminiscing about the old days, but is thankful about being put back into service. She now works with Toby and Henrietta, and is cheerful to everyone she meets.


Victoria is based on a four-wheeled coach from the Furness Railway.


Victoria is painted blue with white border window surrounds. While she was a summerhouse, her paint had faded, leaving her a dull red.


The Railway Series

  • Thomas and Victoria - Avalanche and Toby's Vintage Train

Companion volumes

  • 2007 - Thomas the Tank Engine: The New Collection (does not speak)


  • Victoria is named after Queen Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom and British Empire from 1837 until her death in 1901.
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