Vincent is the main villain in Over the Hedge.

Profile - Vincent

Vincent plays Auto in Z (Wall-E)

Vincent plays Thud the Big Fly in A Comedy Animal's Life

Vincnet plays Bear in CartoonTales: The End of Silliness?

Vincent plays Nessus in Skunkcules

He is a river guardian

Vincent plays Muftak in Animation Star Wars

Vincent plays Harry Pringle in Deadly Friend (TheBluesRockz Style)

He is Samantha's abusive and alcoholic father

Vincent plays Archibald in Simba in New York

He is a mean babysitter

Vincent plays King Xenomorph in Spike vs Bear Trilogy

He is a king

Vincent plays Prince Achmed in Balooladdin

He is a rude prince

Vincent plays Scar in TomandJerryFan36's The Cartoon King

He is a lion

Vincent plays Jafar in Thomas (Aladdin) and Thomas (Aladdin) 2: The Return of Vincent


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