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Vinnie scowls as Philip

Vinnie, also known as Racing Vinnie, is a North American engine & the main antagonist in The Great Race.


  • Home: North America
  • Train Built: Steamie
  • Inspiration: Kai, Oliver the Vast, Yama
  • Personality: Tough, demeanor, mean, evil, killer, obnoxious
  • Goal: To win the strength competition (possibly succeeded). To get back at Philip for getting in his way (failed).
  • Other Names: Big bully (by Thomas and Philip)
  • Numbers: 6407
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Bad
  • Allies: Ashima, Rajiv, Gina, Frieda, Axel, Ivan, Yong Bao, Carlos, Raul, Étienne, Shane, Gordon, Flying Scotsman, Spencer, Henry, James, EmilySir Topham Hatt
  • Enemies: Thomas, Phillip
  • Likes: Winning, being rude to Thomas and Phillip,
  • Dislikes: Thomas, losing, other engines (especially Thomas or Phillip) getting in his way, Thomas stopping him

Vinnie the Grand Trunk Western Engine Played Jafar in Thomas (Aladdin) and Thomas (Aladdin) 2: The Return of Vinnie

Vinnie the Grand Trunk Western Engine Played Swiper the Fox in Bianca the Explorer, Bianca and The Lost City of Gold

He is a fox