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Vortexa is an evil sorceress who lived in her own castle.

Voice Actors:

  1. Susanne Blakeslee - English
  2. Toshiko Sawada - Japanese



She has a desire to rule the world, controlling the strong monster daughters was one means of working towards this goal.


  • So predictable. The girls aren't caught, Krypto. (her plan failed when she caught the girls.)
  • You have no power to defeat me, Serena! (as she tells Serena and her Friends that she didn't defeat her.)
  • Get them! (when she orders her Wingadons to attack the girls)
  • Why is Serena who didn't turned into, now that stupid Wingadon is turned into worse than a toad? (she noticed one of Wingadon turns into a frog)
  • You pesky girls! You broke my broomsticks! How could you do this? (as she looks at her cut-in-half broomsticks by Elaine and Clara sliced them.)
  • My army! You... you defeated my army! Why did they defeat my wonderful Wingadon army! (as she looks at her Wingadons, who were defeated by the girls.)
  • Get her, Krypto! Get her! Don't hesitate! (as she orders Krypto to get Gabi with her scepter, but she ran off to Serena.)
  • No! (as she watched Krypto fall down the stairs.)
  • Give me my scepter! Give it to me! (Ellen: No way. We've had enough of your evil deeds. I'll broke this scepter.)
  • No! My scepter! You fool! You broke it! (as she watched as Ellen hit the scepter, it brokes in pieces.)
  • (Serena Tsukino: It's over, Vortexa. It's time to finish her off once and for all.) You lousy idiots! You can't defeat me! I'm doing this for you! (Her last words as she leaps towards Serena, but Rini catches her in the middle of the flight and rolls with her, they both tumble down the stairs.) (Serena Tsukino: Rini!) (Mina Aino: Rini!) (Serena ran down the stairs and desperately tried to reach Rini, but she and Vortexa have already fallen too far for her to catch up. Rini manages to grab hold of the open castle window and slowly descends so that she jumps on an open window. Vortexa clings to the castle wall a short distance below Rini and hangs in her hands.) (Raye Hino: Hold on, Rini!) (The potions fell into the cauldron and exploded, who creates a poisonous river who rushes outside her castle.) (Raye Hino: Serena! Serena, the river!) (Serena ran and tried to reach Rini. Below, Vortexa hangs uncertainly from the castle wall. Rini is above the window.) (Rini Tsukino: Vortex! Give me your hand!) (Vortexa swipes against Rini, growling. She slips further down the wall; she looks at the tumbling water and bones below.) (Rini Tsukino: You have no choice... I'll help you...) (Vortex slides further down the castle wall and scrabbling for traction on the wall, but cannot climb up. She screams and falls back first in the churning rapids below. The water and bones carry her under, gradually sinking. Hachura's girls look down at where Vortexa was killed and let out a sigh of relief. Serena is waiting near Rini.) (Serena Tsukino: Rini...) (Rini Tsukino: Serena... I tried...) (Raye Hino: Rini... Oh...) (Gabi: Wow! What a heroic effort! Yippity-doo!) (Rini approach Serena's friends and hugs each other) (Serena Tsukino: Girls.) (Hachura's girls turns to Serena.) (Serena Tsukino: We're safe now. You promise never to take a dip in the quicksand. Trouble's over.) (Hachura's girls agrees.) (Serena Tsukino: Let's go back to school.)