Vyacheslav Frederikovich Prygatsev (Russian: Вячеслав Фредерикович Прыгацев, German: Wjatscheslaw Prygatsev) is a Russian politican and propaganda co-ordinator for Nikolai Abulinov, and he is most likely involved in some kind of creation of actual propaganda. Interestingly enough, he was interesed within other stuff, and his career was also interesting.


He never finished school, but did some good cinematography for ProxyCyanide and his political party as well, but nothing is known except that he did attend school, he was initially going to attend university, but later got himself expelled for plagiarism. He was born in Kaliningrad, but his parents were well unknown.

Nothing is known about his history regardless, but it does explain his career was questionable from the very start, but indeed, still worked for ProxyCyanide off-camera in usual expectations.


He had posted several types of propaganda for The Abulinov Party, and also for the XNDUIW community as well, but there are also other mentions of him dressed up in different uniforms as well, although this was pretty much great for him, earning a ton of profit in general.

Other works he also done, was being involved in using cinematography, for editing photos, but normally used to create videos in general, except he embraced it as an advantage anyway. He had even referenced Pokemon, but never had any Pokemon as well, but he was accused of plagiarism by a local university, and ended up being expelled from school as a result.

He was fairly well-known, even recognized as well, as mentioned by a series of picture books he had created, which included several topics involving each thing he had most importantly done, although controversy did apply for his entire career, because he had been accused of plagiarism. He had embraced ProxyCyanide in general, except the two became business members.


He had fairly made a few appearances in general, but his appearances are quite known.


He had briefly appeared in the Pokemon region, Alola, but he loved posting tons of propaganda pages all over his room, during his 5 day stay in Alola, he never had any Pokemon, but wasn't allowed any because he was a ROBLOX user.


He does appear as a main character in Chernotseny, his first official canon appearance, which is agreed upon, since he is seen wearing a Soviet uniform while he was working at Chernotseny, you might be able to play as him in the game, although his role is apparently great. He had worked as a politican so embraced his role anyways, totally regardless of fact.

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