The Parody Wiki
  • dru gru-as as peter perfect
  • wreck it ralph-as Rufus Ruffcut
  • surly(nut job)-as Sawtooth
  • general w.r.monger-as Sergeant Blast
  • fred(big hiro 9)-as Private Meekly
  • minions-as The Ant Hill Mob
  • dr.octavius brine-asProfessor Pat Pending
  • rapunzel-as penelope pitstop
  • grug and thunk croods -as The Slag Brothers
  • gomez addams and lurch-as The Gruesome Twosome
  • dr.robotnik(sonic boom)-as red max
  • uncle ubb-as Lazy Luke
  • boog the bear(open season)-as Blubber Bear
  • the bowler hat guy-as dick dastardly
  • kyle(despicable me)-as muttley