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Warmshirt (V2).webp

Warmshirt is the Poison Purple Sweater from Ben 10 Franchise.



  • Instrument - Violin (Same Instrument like his cousin Madison from Class of 3000), Piano, Flute, Guitar and others
  • Number - Six
  • Food - Pizza
  • Animal - Zebra, Whale, Dinosaur, Horse, Elephant, Tiger, Penguin, Flamingo, Deer, Bull, Walrus, Viscacha and others
  • Movie - Madagascar
  • Show - Little Einsteins, Class of 3000 and The Penguins of Madagascar
  • Color - Purple same color as his dad, Tinky Winky
  • GoAnimate Voice - David/Evil Genius/Zack
  • Cbeebies Character - Six (Numtums)
  • Cbeebies Show - Numtums and Teletubbies and The Shiny Show

Warmshirt played Skipper (Madagascar) in Madagascar (Smart Cartoon), Madagascar 2: Escape to DeviantArt, The Purples of Madagascar (TV Series) and Madagascar 3: Hollywood's Most Wanted

He is a Penguin