The Watchdogs are part of Lord Hater's evil army and the minor antagonists in the show Wander Over Yonder. They are his loyal minions that do his selfish, dirty deeds.

Physical appearance

The Watchdogs appear to be small soldiers with eyes as heads with a furry satellite kind of hand, which shoots out laser beams. They all wear red/purple gloves and shoes. Like their overlord, Lord Hater, the Watchdogs have a single lightning bolt coming out of the tops of their heads.


They act pretty much like ordinary soldiers/henchmen. They're pretty vigilant and actually smarter than they appear. In "The Fugitives", they deliberately exploit Wander's desire to help people, by abusing villagers so they cry for help; poor Wander gives in and after he helps everyone in need, the Watchdogs corner and capture him. It would have worked if Sylvia hadn't arrived to save the day.

Names of Watchdogs

The known names of some of the watchdogs are the following.

  • Peepers (Leader)
  • Moose
  • Westley (formerly)
  • Bob
  • Pete
  • Teddy
  • Pope Watchdog
  • Greg
  • Barry


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