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We're Back! A Human's Story (Remake) is an upcoming-soon YouTube spoof, a parody of We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story (1993), self-created by PrincessCreation345, requested by CoolZDanethe5th.

Four fun-loving humans take a trip to the Animal Kingdom, courtesy of Mufasa (Captain Neweyes). The time-traveling parrot is intent on bringing some joy to the lives of the young animals of the Big Apple. After eating a potion to boost their smarts and cuddliness, Pacha (Rex), Miguel (Woog), Belle (Elsa) and Tuilo (Dweeb) hit the town! But trouble soon arrives when Mufasa's evil brother; Scar (Screweyes) is hatching a devious plot.


In present-day Animal Kingdom, an Eastern young boy named Miguel Rivera (Buster) runs away from his siblings and he meets an intelligent peasant named Pacha (Rex), who is playing golf. He explains to Miguel Rivera that he was once a ravaging human, and proceeds to tell his personal story.

In a village, Percival C. McLeach is terrorizing other humans when a spaceship lands on Earth, piloted by a parrot named Iago (Vorb). Iago captures Percival C. McLeach and gives him "Brain Grain", a breakfast cereal that anthropomorphizes Percival C. McLeach into Pacha and vastly increases his intelligence. Pacha is introduced to other humans, altered by the Brain Grain: a man palying guitar named Miguel (Woog), a fair maiden named Belle (Elsa), and a young man named Tuilo (Dweeb). They soon meet Iago's employer Mufasa (Captain Neweyes), the inventor of Brain Grain, who reveals his goal of allowing the young animals to see real humans. He plans to take them to Princess Celestia (Doctor Julia Bleeb) who will guide them to the Museum of Natural History, and warns them to keep away from Scar (Professor Screweyes), his nefarious and evil brother who travels around causing mischief after losing his left eye several years ago.

Mufasa drops the humans off in the Hudson River, but they are unable to meet with Celestia. Instead, they meet a orange kitten named Oliver (Louie), who plans on running away to join the circus. Louie agrees to help the humans get to the museum. Riding with Belle, Oliver soon encounters a white kitten named Marie (Cecilia Nuthatch), who is miserable with her life because of her neglectful parents. She agrees to run away with Oliver and help the humans, and when she threw away her Thanksgiving hat, it lands on a filly named Scootaloo (Sasha) who wished for a similar hat and ends up granting her wish. To prevent mass panic, Oliver decides that the humans need to stay hidden during their journey to the museum. He disguises them as floats in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. But when Pacha sees a Policeman balloon coming out in the parade, Pacha naively greets it, thinking it is real and already intelligent like he is. Then in the process of hand-shaking, Pacha unwittingly punctures the balloon, causing it to run out of air and fall on the humans, but left them unharmed. When the audience realize that live humans are among them, they fly into a panic, and the humans flee to Central Park while being pursued by the police and the army.

Meanwhile, Oliver and Marie meet Scar, who is running his "Eccentric Circus". Unaware of Scar's sinister nature, the children sign a contract to perform in his circus troupe. When the humans arrive at the circus, Scar explains that he delights in scaring people and believes that the humans would make a great addition to his circus. Using his "Brain Drain", pills that are the polar opposite of his brother's Brain Grain, Scar devolves Oliver and Marie into human forms. When he offers the humans to consume the pills and join his circus as a ransom in exchange for the two kitten's freedom, they reluctantly accept and Scar releases Oliver and Marie, agreeing to tear up their contract in the process. Knowing their friendship will be lost forever, Pacha transforms Oliver and Marie back to their kitten forms with his gentle pats. And before leaving, he sadly tells the two cats to remember him.

As the cats awake the next morning, they are greeted by a circus warthog named Pumbaa (Stubbs), who works for Professor Screweyes, serves them breakfast and explains everything. Upon seeing the humans returned to their natural savage states, Oliver and Marie plan to sneak into the night's show and save the humans with Pumbaa's help. That night, Scar opens his circus with a parade of demons and evil spirits, and then unveils the humans to the terrified audience. Scar says he can control Percival C. McLeach, and proceeds to hypnotize him, while bragging that he is never afraid. However, a crow unintentionally activates the flare lights, breaking Percival C. McLeach out of the trance. Realizing he has been tricked, Percival C. McLeach becomes enraged and attempts to shoot Scar, making him afraid after his talk. However, Oliver steps in and desperately talks Percival C. McLeach out of killing Scar. His impassioned pleas and loving touches, along with Marie's, return Percival C. McLeach back into Pacha and the other humans back to their kind and friendly natures. Just then, Mufasa arrives in his ship and congratulates Oliver and Marie, who proceed to kiss, while Pumbaa puts on an act announcing his resignation from Scar's employ which wins the audience over with laughter. Mufasa, Oliver, Marie and the humans board the aircraft, leaving Scar to be swarmed upon and devoured by the hyenas and one hyena ran off with his now powerless screw.

The humans spend the rest of their days in the museum, allowing young animals to see live humans, and thus fulfilling their wishes. Back in the present, Pacha tells Miguel Rivera that he and his fellow humans are still in the museum. He also reveals that Oliver and Marie have reconciled with their respective parents and become a couple. Pacha returns Miguel Rivera to his family, accepting his brothers' apologies while hugging his mother; Anastasia Tremaine after hearing the story, and Pacha tells him to remember his story before leaving for the museum.


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